Yesterday, we added something a lot of you have been waiting for a long time to the game – „Buy MaxOCD option“ in Boot Camp! Having this option selected (part of the „buy X“ button choices), will buy as many units as possible to the highest milestone you can reach with your current Power Points. This makes it extremely especially convenient after deploying or privatizing, when you are shot through the early game and have to buy productions units like crazy!

Buy MaxOCD

On top of that, it saves you a bunch of clicks and time overall :) As we had to rework some core code to add this, we also did major optimizations to how our cost calculations work – so you should also notice a slight performance improvement – or at least have the game consume less RAM and CPU! We have a bunch of other quality of life improvements planned ahead, that will make the repetitive parts of the game less annoying to go through. This week, we also plan to deploy several balance/progression updates as well as other game improvements/bug fixes.

We’ve also uploaded some improvements to War Zone progress saving – where if there was a slight sync issue between frontend and backend, when reaching a PvP battle it would report an issue and revert all progress gained within the last update batch. This has now been fixed and if in any case some small discrepancy still happens (in 99%+ cases this was actually just 1 or 2 clicks differences), it will still save your progress minus that small discrepancy. So it won’t reset you several battles back, but only a few clicks of progress might be lost. Have fun buying huge with satisfying numbers :)

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