Black Friday Sale on War Clicks

Great news for those willing to stock up on Gold -> as you know Black Friday & Cyber Monday are just around the corner (this Friday: November 23rd & Monday Nov 26th) , so we have prepared generous gold package deals on those dates. Be sure to take advantage of it and stock up for the crazy December and all the updates coming in…

BlackFriday on War Clicks

In early December we are releasing massive content updates for the game – Country vc. Country – a long-announced feature that will take part in Country Headquarters – with completely new game mechanics. And there are the Events – for those who enjoy the single playing experience and also for the competitive players that love to compete for Event rewards and status! In short, these will add exciting limited time content for everyone to spice up your experience 😉

Progression improvements – part2

During the weekend we’ve pushed another set of progression changes, this time mainly touching War Zone experience, especially in late game.
*To make sure you are seeing everything properly and to avoid any issues we suggest refreshing the game if you see this message while playing.

In short, things that were changed:

  • Boss battles were optimized in health to scale better, be more challenging and give a better experience.
  • Level and Rank Battle Stars rewards were significantly increased to stay more on-par with Battle star rewards from battles
  • Achievement rewards were significantly increased
  • Additional upgrade tiers added to DPC HQ upgrades, to keep low level upgrades more up to par, as well as to slightly reduce over-reliance on support units for DPC at late stages. Similarly some price multipliers were reduced for a few upgrades late game.
  • 2 more renown titles and 2 more ranks were added at late stages.

We hope you enjoy the changes – we will be touching more balancing issues when Country vs. Country feature (CvC) is released in the following weeks, as rewards from there will feed back into War Zone and Boot Camp :)

War Clicks team

Major progression improvements/rebalance – part 1

Yesterday we’ve uploaded the first set of progression changes, that will affect (increase) your Boot Camp gains.

Specifically what was changed:

Privatization point boost multiplier has been reduced to 1.025 from 1.03 (or from 1.05 in some user cases).

Boot Camp upgrades were vastly increased at almost all stages of the game (Starting mainly from e20+) and made more impactful (before it was mainly just 2x, now you’ll fine even up to x50 multipliers!). Progress at e110+ was slightly increased, and upgrades post e150+ have also been added.

Progression improvements

Progression improvements

Before you might think that reduced privatization points multiplier will reduce your overall gain – fear not, as the increased upgrades more than make up for that loss, and will at least maintain your previous production – for most users at most points it will actually be significantly increased!

If you haven’t read it yet, the reasoning for the above was explained in more detail in our previous post found here, but in short: Over the past year or so we have ended up segregating users into 2-3 groups with slightly different upgrade or privatization boosts for various reasons. Via this we also learned that progression based more on upgrades makes for a much more exciting and strategic experience (as there’s more to do constantly and your upgrade choices have more weight), on top of also making it a mess for us to make regular balance improvements easily due to the “3 user groups”. So unifying this via the same privatization boost and same set of upgrades make it much easier to manage.

This also means that users from different groups, might also be affected differently at specific stages – but they will now all follow the exactly same progression curve.

As it’s hard to give exact changes of all the upgrade multipliers etc. that were done, (and most users do not bother with it), we won’t bore you with the details, but are willing to provide more specific details of the exact changes/Differences at different points, just let us know in this post 😉

In the following days/up to two weeks, we’ll be releasing sets of other balance changes to make your experience even better – the followups will mainly address various things in War Zone. There are also some balance backups we’ll have ready with the release of Country vs Country, that will touch a few other progression issues in the game.

We hope you enjoy the new gained boosts 😉

War Clicks team

Coming out this week…

Hey everyone,

This week we have one of the most anticipated and needed set of updates coming up – major balance and progression improvements! These will address many issues where users are not getting a great experience, as the game is too slow, or feels imbalanced, and just simply the numbers don’t seem as fine tuned as they could be.

In short, we will mainly be addressing privatization boosts, upgrades in Boot Camp, unit strengths in War Zone, War Zone upgrade costs, achievement/level/rank rewards and some other tid bits.

As the game is live with thousands of players it is imperative to us that we do these changes in such a manner that it doesn’t ruin your experience at any point, for anyone – i.e. That you’d have significantly slower progression after the update. So worry not about that, as one of the reasons why this is taking so long is due to us preparing tons of test accounts at various points, to ensure we don’t degrade the experience, but improve it!

The updates will be rolled out in a few sets, starting with privatization boost changes and/or vast upgrades’ multipliers improvements and addition of new in Boot Camp, especially at late game – this first set will be rolled out on Tuesday this week! While we will publish more specific changes as they are rolled out, here is a quick summary Continue reading

Halloween on War Clicks

Spooky times ahead on War Clicks!
The game got completely overrun by ghosts and other creepy crawlies that can spook you during these days..

Halloween on WC

Halloween on War Clicks

Halloween is nearly here and our main game icon General Master Clicker just changed his costume and we believe that he is getting a bit evil these days!?

On October 30th and 31st we are running one of the biggest Promotions – sales, so be sure to fill up the gold pouches if not already….

Halloween sale

Halloween sale – Get some crazy EXTRA amounts of Gold only on this special promotion

There is also a small searching-game going on currently on War Clicks, so be sure to check the in-game announcement as well. 😉

Have a spooky Halloween!

Official Homepage revamped + Halloween theme on War Clicks

Userbase of War Clicks players changed a lot in this year! Due to increased popularity of the game, and lots of new features, we’ve now been working with more players in this year than ever before. We’re happy that more and more players stay in the game for longer periods, and also quite a lot of players from the very beginnings of War Clicks are still with us, which is great to see!

Yesterday, we’ve released a revamp of the main part of Homepage, making it more attractive for new players to come in the following months. Feel free to check it out and be sure to let us know what you think about it:
War Clicks Official Homepage

New Homepage

Players playing on the official site can also find some other improvements, not just the homepage/login system, but also when playing you’ll find a new cooler background now populates the space around the game!

But, that’s not all for today…
Soon, you will also find some thematic changes on War Clicks, as Halloween is just around the corner 😉 😊
There will be some great changes and activities going on in the upcoming days, and we are sure you don’t want to miss out!

Have fun 😉

Country vs Country feature (CvC) – summary of purpose and specifications

Hey everyone,

We are happy to be able to finally present the barebone of specifications for the upcoming Country vs Country feature! We have been narrowing down the specifications for CvC the past few weeks, as there were a ton of potential ideas, solutions, problems, issues, tweaks etc.

We had to go over various versions and ideas that introduced unfairness due to time zone differences, had an “online time pressure”, had 0 country concept, were too messy/confusing for players, were too random, had boring mechanics,… Shortly put, there was a lot of things considered we had to reject for various reasons. We ended up with something that we feel fits the game, connects some unconnected parts of the game, introduces a lot of community/social elements, gets rid of “country isolation”, is not time-pressured and creates an ever-evolving/dynamic competitive environment that will get everyone and every country a great experience!

Purpose/goals of CvC

With Country vs Country we want to add a late game feature to the game, that will make the game more fun (especially at late stages) by adding additional depth, giving more meaning to „country“, and connect ALL users in common „events“ and playing goals as well as add a new highly social element to the game. As a late game feature and as a “controllable mechanic” it can also be used in various fun and exciting ways to balance out late game for players and keep the game fun for far longer periods of time, giving users the chance to get more invested with the game.

We also wanted the function to be as simple and easy to understand as possible for users, and not over complicated. Minimum user effort for maximum reward, fun and social gain.

How it works/specs

As the feature is quite extensive there is quite a bit to explain , to get a full idea of how the feature will look like. For those that might find such long specs boring, you might want to scroll-down to check the first graphics  😉 But as a lot of you are anxious of what’s coming, we felt it’s best to give you as much information as possible!
Continue reading

Time Warps are now storable!

In the latest update about the Promo codes, we’ve changed some important functioning of Time Warps. As of now, the Time Warps have been triggered immediately after collected from Daily Tasks and Daily Rewards or bought from the Shop section. But, after some consideration and lots of player reports about bad experience, especially on Daily Tasks & Daily Rewards, we’ve changed Time Warps to instead be a consumable!

So, now after you’ve completed your Daily Task, you’ll collect and store the Time Warp, instead of triggering it immediately. The same goes to Daily Rewards!
Within the Shop we are adding the Store option, but keeping the immediate gain possibility, so you can decide what you like: to trigger the boost just after buying the product or keeping it for a later use. It’s all up to you and what you prefer! 😉

Promo Codes are out!

As we announced the Promo codes will go out somewhere this week, we can confirm that we’ve finished the project and proudly present them today!
Promo codes are a great way to get yourself more boosts! To ensure that, you’ll need to insert the code within Activity Rewards popup (in War Zone; icon next to Spin the Wheel; opens when you’ve reached at least battle 13).

Insert promo codes here..

The addition of promo codes will allow us to use them in various ways – the first and the most important for a regular user are Daily Codes, which will be distributed through our social media channels on Facebook & Twitter every day. Feel free to Like & Follow us there as we would appreciate every new follower/share/retweet/share as a small sign of appreciation & support.

an example of a promo code

We want to give players what they most like, so the rewards should be worthwhile, focused towards boosting your progress in Boot Camp & War Zone.

This is not all, we’ll every now and then hide a valid Promo code somewhere inside the game (those types of actions will be announced through in-game announcements). We’ll also be sharing promo codes via email (for players registered and playing from the official website: ), so keep an eye on your registered emails as soon something might appear there.

Enough words already, give me the code now! 😀

valid Daily code which can be received on Facebook and Twitter

valid Today’s Daily code which can be received on Facebook and Twitter

Have fun 😉

War Clicks Team

Development Update – 12th October

Wondering on what’s all coming to War Clicks in the next week?
– The following week should be a great week for our players and for us as a developer of this crazy unique idle clicker game. 😛
Hopefully, the next week we’ll have all ready to go out with the Promo codes -> additional Tools for rewarding purposes should go live at the end of the next week. On top of this update, we’ll try to improve the current collecting/rewarding experience on Daily Tasks. Lots of players have reported the issues, when they were forced to use the reward (ex.: Time Warp) on Daily Tasks immediately once assigned, instead of this we are now working towards the goal to create Time Warps as a storable/ consumable product.

We’ll start working on a huge project of game balancing, as we know that this is something that still needs to be fixed/updated on certain game-points. This project might take us around 2-3 weeks before going live.

Official Press page of the game will be updated in full. We are currently on a half of the road, but counting on finishing the full update in the next week. And there is also the Official Homepage of the game that is currently being re-designed.

Here is a sneak-peak into behind the scenes:


New Design of Official Game Homepage

New Design of Official Game Homepage

Stay tuned for more updates (the next week we are sharing first specifications on CvC feature -it’s going to be awesome, can’t wait)!

Have fun! 😊
War Clicks Team