Today’s update covers some small, but very neat updates:

*please make sure to refresh the game if seeing this while playing, to ensure everything works for you properly

– Wait time between Time Challenge attempts has been completely removed! The same goes for Invasion attempts!
– Any TC unlocks bought since 1st Jan 2020 have been refunded to your gold balance
– TC unlock rewards have been removed from SPW. IT has been replaced with a Research Point reward
– Any TC unlocks on various starting kits, have been replaced as well. We’ve also re-ordered some of the display in gold shop to make any special offers more clear. If you haven’t taken advantage of any starting kits, make sure to have a look, as they’re typically the very best deals :)
– We’ve added some info about our other games in Menu -> our other games, if you’d like to give them a try. It helps support our team – thanks :)
– text in chat is now highlightable/selectable
– Enable/disable farm mode hotkey has been added to settings (F)
– History of change logs and announcements will now appear properly, and show them in order

We hope you enjoy these changes – we will soon inform of what our next major updates will be focused on! 😉