Army Privatization- ”Second Prestige”

…introducing a valuable feature for all experienced players of WarClicks. As a part of our rework we’ll introduce another and deepest function of prestiging (deploy-like function)  :

Your country is on the lookout for well-established BootCamps to help grow its strength faster, and it’s offering you special privileges in exchange for your BootCamp progress and all the work you’ve put into it – Army privatization. Pfftt… why would you want to do that? Well, given that status you’ll be getting huge benefits that will help you rebuild faster and becoming even stronger!

Second Prestige

Second Prestige

So, how can this function help you progress faster and when does it appear?

As we improved our game concept by connecting both worlds more tightly, connecting training units with fighting units in WarZone, we decided to offer players another option of sacrificing progress for long-termed boosts via a “Second prestige”. This function works pretty similar to Deploy Troops but on a higher level (sacrifice your current game state for much faster overall progress).

What does Second Prestige?

– resets all BootCamp progress (Units, Power Points, Trainers, Upgrades, Contractors)

– Yes – Army contractors are reset as well with it!

–  Investors remain.

– In turn it gives you a HUGE boost that allows you to speed up through the game faster than ever! Remember when you used Deploy for the first time? Well, this will give that extra rush back to you at higher stages of the game! … Plus it will all connect well with the way BootCamp and WarZone will be connected, and giving you a chance to be able to deploy more troops, more often again!

Second Prestige can be used once you reach 10^30 total Power Points.

This way it gives existing players a chance to deploy often again and gather a great army of support units for WarZone. Just think of it as a new ‘’deploy’’, that speeds up late game progress, but also blends extremely well with the new connection deploys have with WarZone.


…We are working hard, testing the reworked game, working on improved game progression, checking/improving latest bugs and preparing for a launch of new and reworked version of WarClicks. We can’t wait to go Live (it should be this Friday) as it should improve overall game playing experience!


Stay tuned 😉

WarClicks Team

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