WarClicks Rework deploy date and more info

We’re excited to let you know that the massive update/rework of WarClicks is scheduled to be released end of next week!

A lot of information has already been released in our blog and Reddit about various changes, improvements and additions, but today we want to share more info on why and how we will transition everyone’s progress to the reworked version.

One of the main goals (besides improving optimization, design and smoothness of the game) was to make the game more competitive by introducing mechanics that allow for different strategies, get rid of the linearity and just make the game a whole lot more fun to play!

Due to several technical issues of old game implementation (especially in WarZone), as well as making sure both existing and new players get a great experience of the game, we will be doing some changes (read: partial reset) to the current game stat of existing players.

We have taken great consideration of all the time and work you guys have invested into the game already, and have come to several solutions that will work really well with the rework – ensuring your past work and time is valued, but at the same making sure existing players’ experience morphs neatly into the new game!


Let’s get to the main changes:

1) Score: To make scoring more interesting it will now be a mix of damage done inWarZone and a multiplier based on your total Power Points produced in BootCamp.

2) Following point one, existing score and basically all of WarZone state as is will be reset. As neither are workable with the new improved progression, competitions, some technical restrictions and just in general how WarZone will now work and how more it will now tie to BootCamp.


What does this mean exactly for existing players:

– any badges and DPC boosts gained before the rework will be merged into one or two new badges, which will give you massive boosts (relative to your current power of boosts, but not exactly the same) that will help you speed up through the early game much faster. But to ensure the game remains competitive with new players, these badges will be temporary and valid untill the end of 2017.

– Any Gold you spent in WarZone will be refunded and added to your account IN FULL!

  – BootCamp progress will remain as is (except for any badges). One of the big changes of the rework is that deploying in BootCamp will provide support units for WarZone. To make sure existing users are not deprived of that, as they can not deploy often, is where the “Second prestige” comes into play. Second prestige works similar as deploy but on a “higher level” (sacrifice your current game state for much faster overall progress). Using it, will reset all BootCamp progress, including contractors (investors remain untouched!), but give you a HUGE boost that will allow you to speed up through the game super quickly. This way it gives existing players a chance to deploy often again and gather a great army of support units for WarZone. Just think of it as a new “deploy”, that speeds up late game progress, but also blends extremely well with the new connection deploys have with WarZone.

Combined with refunded gold, temporary old badges boost it will give you an extremely fast way to get back into the lategame in WarZone, while experiencing all of the best changes & mechanics that will be added!

– Country Invasion will have to be reset. With the changed DPCs, and different progression in WarZone it is a must for it to remain interesting. Any gold spent on skip bosses will be refunded in majority to the country treasuries, based on the enemy bases countries are in.

– Competitions will start from scratch due to new scoring system (old badges will be joined into a new temporary one as mentioned before)

– For helping us out with so many things and supporting us throughout we will also be giving something special to the top players – a unique status and direct input in the future in the form of easter eggs, new fun ideas and naming, which are things we want to add to make the game that more fun!


There are also other subtle changes that we will describe in more detail still. But in the meantime, if you have any doubts, issues, concerns or questions about the rework, please do not hesitate to let us know.

In short, we’re really looking to give everyone of you a great experience, as the reworked version will be worth it! In the meantime, note that there’s still one competition left, and any gold/progress you obtain before the rework will have an effect in some way or form on how strong you can charge forwards when the reworked version is deployed!

We can’t wait to release this rework – thank you all for your patience and support so far, it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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