Hey everyone!


We are excited to confirm that tomorrow, we will be deploying the biggest update/rework of WarClicks to date!

Due to the extent of the changes on the technical side, and some partial resets required, the maintenance will not be the shortest – we expect the transition to last 4-6 hours, starting at 9:00 Server Time (9am GMT/UTC).

We’ve prepared as much as possible for this to go smooth and have done various tests today to ensure the estimation is as accurate as possible, but if we do tend to run into any hiccups we will keep you updated.

Moreover, we apologize we haven’t been able to keep in touch with you as much the past week, as we’ve really had to focus our full energy into getting this sorted on-time!

We promise we’ll get back to you guys about everything next week and work on several things after the rework that will make a lot things more enjoyable for you guys :)

Thank you for your continued support!