Hey everyone!

Although we are focusing on the rework (which is coming together on-time, and we should have the final ETA early next week), we have done a couple of smaller changes recently:

  • We’ve added an array of new late-game upgrades to BootCamp, to speed up late progression. Players in the 1065+ range might notice a few of their old upgrades gone, as they were replaced by new upgrades added before them – but you should be able to rebuy them pretty much instantly in most cases, as well as have more new ones placed ahead.
  • We’ve done some improvements to progress saving on BootCamp, specifically regarding Converting and deploying, which were causing occasional issues with some upgrades not saving
  • some other optimizations to timeouts handling in Bootcamp, which should cram up your browser ram a bit less (optimizations with the rework will be far far more noticeable though :))
  • We’ve limited the past stats of weekly competitions to last 2 (+ current) competition, as the amount of data we were regularly recalculating has been spiraling out of control – and most of the past ones, it not many were interested in anyway. We will likely re-add a history of past competitions at a later date though.