Our playerbase is constantly growing – we’ve reached a new milestone – 90,000 players! This time it took us around 20 days to reach a new milestone. We’re now closer than ever before to 100,000 players that we plan to reach faster than reaching previous milestones!

We’ve set up important campaigns to attract new players to try the game and join our unique community. With recently released new features, such as Unlocks/Autoclicker we are aiming higher and at this point we invite all our players to send us feedback/opinions on the game. What you’d like to see improved, added, changed… from improving progression at certain points, adding more community/pvp elements, anything that comes to mind!

We are looking forward to reaching 100,000 players as fast as we can, any help from you guys will be much appreciated as well! To be able to develop the game in the future we will need a quite decent amount of traffic at this stage. Imagine if every player would attract just one ‘true gamer’. Our community will expand, there will be more competition, collaboration in Country Invasion and much more.

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Have an awesome day 😉

Team WarClicks