500K players!

3 days ago we hit a new Milestone with War Clicks official site – Half a million players!

500,000 players

500,000 players

We are growing fast, the year 2018 is a big step forward for War Clicks, massive improvements and additions have been released this year and we are fully working on new ones. We are happy that our players find the game interesting and amusing, as this is something that is pushing us forward.

We are pushing the game into the new heights, polishing the current version, improving the game characteristics, working on new additions. Hopefully we could soon also focus on a mobile-friendly version,…we also plan to add the game on some new valuable platforms, so it will hit a huge amount of new players this year. We are more and more confident with the game, as we believe it will soon become one of the biggest ‘players’ in the genre.

Are we ready for the next Milestone – 1 million players?

350,000 players!

It seems all of our efforts are picking up the results!

350,000 Players

350,000 Players

Let’s compare some basic stats:

  Apr 2017 Apr 2018
Total Players 30,000 350,000
Most players by country (TOP 3) US, BR, IND RU, US, UKR
Gender (Male – Female) 76% – 24% 61%-39%

…That’s like a x10  increase of our playerbase!

We believe that by creating a friendlier user experience we’ll keep more players on the long run, there are also a lot of other factors that we are currently aware of and should be improved in this year, so when all pieces are put together, we believe it’s going to be a massive success!

Our developer team is motivated as we see those results and positive player feedback!
We are thrilled with what is coming to War Clicks this year, and can’t wait the next April to compare the stats!

We believe we can publish War Clicks to some more gaming platforms in the upcoming months, that should help us generate lots of exposure, new players, so we are not over yet.. Still a lot  to do in May, but we are all  looking forward to it!

90,000 players!

Our playerbase is constantly growing – we’ve reached a new milestone – 90,000 players! This time it took us around 20 days to reach a new milestone. We’re now closer than ever before to 100,000 players that we plan to reach faster than reaching previous milestones!

We’ve set up important campaigns to attract new players to try the game and join our unique community. With recently released new features, such as Unlocks/Autoclicker we are aiming higher and at this point we invite all our players to send us feedback/opinions on the game. What you’d like to see improved, added, Continue reading

85,000 players!

On the last day of 2017, we reached a Total number of 85,000 players! That’s a huge number our development team is really proud of!

As we started 2018, we decided to take a look into the future, our plans and so on! A giant leap we took from the year 2016 to 2017 was a huge thing for us. We’ve seen a concrete growth, we’ve reached around 70,000 players this year, which makes up the majority of all WarClicks players so far. If we expect the same percentage growth as in latest year, we would at the end of this year have around 425,000 players, but our plans are bigger – we want to reach 500,000 players till the end of 2018! Would you like to be a part of WarClicks growing community?

We already have plans and tools how to reach this goal, it won’t be easy for us to take the game to such a high level, but with your feedback and support we are thrilled for making such plans and challenges ourselves as we wanted to create a game players would love to play!

More details will follow in next game update posts,

Wish you a lot of fun,

WarClicks Team

WarClicks is growing – 75,000 players!

WarClicks’ playerbase is growing! We’ve reached a new milestone – 75,000 players!
As you all might already know, we have BIG plans for further development – a reworked version (completely revamped graphics, complete WarZone overhaul, and overall improvements and optimizations) is coming soon (within weeks!), with a lot of new players joining WarClicks in the following months as well.

75,000 players

75,000 players

What does this mean for all of our current players?
More new players will help you progress through Country Invasion – more bases destroyed, the more rewards you all will get! New players also mean new competition – so stay active and keep fighting if you are to keep your position.

In the following days we will release more updates about the current development and all the changes coming to WarClicks with this major update. To see what is changing and better understand the updates make sure to check them out regularly as we’re posting new images and updates every few days!

WarClicks Team

An idle-clicker game with 65,000 players!

Woow, a new milestone reached! It took us around 15 days to reach this milestone, that means we’ve setup our marketing strategies right and Warclicks is growing fast at the moment! This is only a small step we’ve completed – in the following months you should see even better results and more players joining WarClicks community on a daily basis!

We have some special/new sources of traffic coming in the following days/weeks, so you should prepare a great strategy to maintain your current position or beat other Continue reading

Army of more than 40.000 players

We are proud to announce that WarClicks reached the latest milestone of 40.000 players. Thank you all for supporting us on this journey of Warclicks’ success! We are improving the game experience, optimizing the game progress, analyzing playability, checking user feedback – All this to offer all players the best possible experience when playing the game. The game has lots of potential, during the recent months we got additional media coverage and we are also proud of players spreading the word

40,000 players

40,000 players

Continue reading