It seems all of our efforts are picking up the results!

350,000 Players

350,000 Players

Let’s compare some basic stats:

  Apr 2017 Apr 2018
Total Players 30,000 350,000
Most players by country (TOP 3) US, BR, IND RU, US, UKR
Gender (Male – Female) 76% – 24% 61%-39%

…That’s like a x10  increase of our playerbase!

We believe that by creating a friendlier user experience we’ll keep more players on the long run, there are also a lot of other factors that we are currently aware of and should be improved in this year, so when all pieces are put together, we believe it’s going to be a massive success!

Our developer team is motivated as we see those results and positive player feedback!
We are thrilled with what is coming to War Clicks this year, and can’t wait the next April to compare the stats!

We believe we can publish War Clicks to some more gaming platforms in the upcoming months, that should help us generate lots of exposure, new players, so we are not over yet.. Still a lot  to do in May, but we are all  looking forward to it!