The day has come to release our latest developed feature – customized profiles!
We added some new elements of customization to the game, to give you the best playing experience.

Characterization is divided into 6 different categories: Gender & Skin, Face, Hair, Outfit, Face markings and Other. You’ll now find a lot of different possibilities to create the most cool or bad-ass character, one that you best identify with!

Set your best character

Set your best character

Customize your profile, select your face shape, define your gender, choose your skin type, pick your eye color, choose your preferred hairstyle, set your army uniform – outfit, unlock some face markings/ covers, or add some other elements…

There are already lots of elements to choose from, and we will be adding more in the future!
Not all features are available from the start, as you’ll need to reach a certain Rank to unlock some of the elements. Others (Premiums) can be purchased by Gold.

Wondering why to create your character?
*  When your opponents will be checking your profile, they’ll find your personalized character
*  To feel better/ unique as your character will be ‘watching on you’ in the top left corner of the game
*  Your Character image will be also shown in PvP battles when attacking or being attacked
*  Your character will have a great role in upcoming Country Invasion as well… 😉

Find yourself some elements you LOVE, set up your character and what’s the most important to us – HAVE FUN playing War Clicks!