The next two months we have A LOT of important and cools updates planned for War Clicks, to improve your experience by making it more fun, engaging and smooth!


One of the first ones to come is related to some changes of how weekly competitions work, as there are currently some issues that keep competitions too stagnant/ boring/ results not changing and the way they are implemented also create massive implementation and performance issues on the backend, that simply are not prepared for scaling of our game’s user base, especially with the growth plans we have for the future!


So we are making some core changes to how competitions work, to make them more attractive and resolve the scaling issues they were/are causing:

1) So far competitions were available to & rewarding all players, registered or „guests“. And as registered users tend to play more actively, a large chunk of rewards were given to „guests“ who would likely stop playing much sooner and their rewards go to waste basically (instead of more active players getting them).


So that is the first change we will be doing – all competitions will from the update onwards be available and rewarding ONLY registered users. (A registered user is considered someone who registered on or is a logged in ArmorGames player)


2) Besides the Weekly Levels gained and Contractors % Increase competitions, all the rest were looking at „fixed values“ instead of what a user gained DURING the competition. This caused a huge issue, where (i.e. For score competition) top users would constantly be getting the same rewards – even if they were inactive during the competition, simply because they clung to their place during it! The idea behind weekly competitions is to stimulate and reward activity during a week, hence why we will be changing all 5 existing competition types to rank off “gain” instead of just fixed/total value.


  • We will be also improving the clarity of the competitions AND the “your ranking“ widget. These will now be separate buttons – competition results will now be visible fully within the game without opening a new tab for you. Much more useful to see how and where you rank! A lot more people will be paying attention to the competition results now, so make sure to customize a bad-ass character in your profile, so people remember you when they see you in the top rankings!


  • Rankings widget, which shows your various live rankings in War Clicks, will now only take into account registered and active users (played within last 7 days). To maintain a list of “all time/fixed” scores/PP/country results, there will now be a separate link to a “hall of fame”, where registered users will never be hidden from the standings, even if inactive. But with live rankings and competitions, we feel it is crucial that only active players are considered.
    e. Assume you’ve reached the 11th spot in Score, and say that the top 10 players haven’t played the past week for whatever reason, why should they take the top spot if in their absence YOU are the most powerful soldier?!? We think that’s wrong and doesn’t represent /recognize active players properly so we’re excited to be doing this change :)


All of these changes will also allow us to potentially start increasing the reward pools as more players are joining, which is something we are definitely considering.

This competition rework will be deployed live sometime during Monday 14th May. Existing competition rewards will be rolled out on Monday as usual but starting Monday, the leader-boards and everything will be taking into account the new way of rewarding/ranking!


Due to a massive technical rework/improvements via this update, we will also be unable to show results of any past competitions under the old implementation. We are looking if we might be able to copy/change the structure of this latest competition to keep a proper record for you, but as of now it seems unlikely as it would be way too much work involved. With this, also round numbers will be starting from #1 again.


We’re thrilled to finally deploy this on Monday, as it will provide a much better experience for active players and enable us to improve further on it in the future :)