We are proud to announce that WarClicks reached the latest milestone of 40.000 players. Thank you all for supporting us on this journey of Warclicks’ success! We are improving the game experience, optimizing the game progress, analyzing playability, checking user feedback – All this to offer all players the best possible experience when playing the game. The game has lots of potential, during the recent months we got additional media coverage and we are also proud of players spreading the word

40,000 players

40,000 players

about WarClicks through different channels, such as on some local forums, social media, blogs, traffic exchangers – These are all tools that can be used for Free – THANK YOU!

Can you imagine what the game will be like as we reach 100.000 players? Our goal is even above that range, but it will be great to get new players in and get even tougher and harder competition to beat.

Once again, thank you all for supporting us!

WarClicks Team