Voting System

We’ve released a new voting system on WarClicks where you’ll be able to get some additional boost for your BootCamp progress, don’t miss that out!

Voting System

Voting System

Voting System will give you up to 24 hours 150% production boost in Bootcamp! So it’s quite a cool new tool giving you a chance to boost your progress in BootCamp and consequently in WarZone. By using this new reward system you will not only boosts your own progress, but also help WarClicks rank higher on various games list and in

turn attract more new players to the game, increasing our community and its competitive nature!

Everything’s already prepared and implemented- we are only waiting on some confirmations that the voting is working properly for all game lists (More browser game lists will follow soon). You’re now able to find it under the “Daily Tasks” tab in-game. In the following days we will also unveil some of the improvements to the game we will be tackling next to improve playability and increase competition.
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  1. David Barrett

    May 20, 2017 at 6:18 am

    How do we know the bonuses are active? I am assuming that the 24 hour countdown timer next to each voting site indicates that the bonus is active?

  2. Ishaan Singh Shekhawat

    May 22, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    since a week i am not able to access my warzone. Everytime I click on that warzone button i starts on loading and never stops, it just keep on loading and loading. please help me with the issue…

    • I hope that they resolve you these issues. I said it a month ago, and they didn’t want to help me :/

      • Luci, First off apologies for the extremely late reply here – had some issues with not seeing replies in the blog the past weeks. It’s fixed now.

        Did we really miss your email – as we are looking and answering from any contacts we get as fast as we can! Let me know if you still experience some issues.

    • I just want to note that we have resolved this issue and if it happens to anyone it should “self fix” and you won’t even notice it if it happens again!

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