Woow, a new milestone reached! It took us around 15 days to reach this milestone, that means we’ve setup our marketing strategies right and Warclicks is growing fast at the moment! This is only a small step we’ve completed – in the following months you should see even better results and more players joining WarClicks community on a daily basis!

We have some special/new sources of traffic coming in the following days/weeks, so you should prepare a great strategy to maintain your current position or beat other players you are chasing on the rankings, because new players will try to reach you!  On the other side, more players will also join your country that should help you collect more Gold and other rewards in Country Invasion. Everyone has the opportunity to invite their friends into the game to help other countryman beat Enemy bases in Country Invasion. It’s simple: more valuable players that will join your country, the higher rewards all of you will collect!

We are now on a road to reach 100,000 players until the end of this year!

Wish you a lot of fun,
WarClicks Team