In the past days we’ve arranged a great cooperation with our new Rewarded Video Ad Network provider Applixir! Hopefully, player experience should be smooth and rewarding for everyone now, as their video ad coverage is worldwide and experience user-friendly. And even in cases of no video ad available you should still be displayed a banner ad, that will reward you with the full bonus rewards (compared to mostly getting half rewards before!) in majority of cases!

Integration of these new Rewarded Videos is already completed and those Videos/Bonuses can be found when boosting your production in BootCamp or receiving additional bonuses/rewards in WarZone!
– Why did we decide to go with a new Rewarded Video Ad Network?
Because our previous provider didn’t have such fill rate (fewer players could get full bonus boosts) as the new one has, meanign that most people were not able to get full rewards. That should be far improved now :)

Hopefully, we’ve now found a reliable provider of Rewarded Video Ads that all of us will love.


Team WarClicks