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An idle-clicker game with 65,000 players!

Woow, a new milestone reached! It took us around 15 days to reach this milestone, that means we’ve setup our marketing strategies right and Warclicks is growing fast at the moment! This is only a small step we’ve completed – in the following months you should see even better results and more players joining WarClicks community on a daily basis!

We have some special/new sources of traffic coming in the following days/weeks, so you should prepare a great strategy to maintain your current position or beat other Continue reading

Promo materials – PART1: Splash page

We are aware that having a great tool that can be used more effectively is crucial when building your list of soldiers/referrals. Building a strategy of gaining more players into the game includes renovation of all splash-pages that you are using at the moment when promoting the game. Different types of splash pages are now coming, however we’ve created the first one so you might get more referrals now and gain more rewards for doing so, because of potentially higher conversion rate.

New splash page: LINK (get your personalized splash by clicking on the button ‘Refer a friend’)

Splash page

Splash page

We are aware that not everybody is a born promotor, but for everyone willing to promote the game, all the new graphics and designs of new splash pages will surely result in getting more bonuses for doing so! You can share your personalized links on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, through email, blogs, forums or any other preferred channel you are mostly using.
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