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Only 1player can become a ”Casanova”!

We just started with the Cupid’s mission Event, which will last until the Feb 16th, 14:00 GMT, so jump in to get extra rewards and possibly reach a forever-lasting Title of a ”Casanova”, which will be delivered to the Winner of this Event.

It’s now a perfect time to share the love around but act fast as there is limited time available to complete the goal (spread the message of love to all 195 countries!)..

We’ve switched up a few things for this event:
There is no training feature and the badge rewards this time are for DPC not Production boost.Make love, not war

Make love, not war

War Clicks dev team wishes you all the best, so good luck and have fun! 😊

Automation changes, upcoming updates & development plans

Hey all,

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who shared their opinion in the recent survey about automation, as it is very important to us we go about that update properly. To recap the main takeaways: the vast majority of users do want some sort of automation and would like it to scale/unlock throughout the game. There would definitely be some sort of limitation on it in place, and we would do our best to try and also make it work off tab focus. If any sort of gold unlocks would be added, they’d be added in the form of being able to unlock them earlier instead of reaching a certain game point. Also, one suggestion we really loved, is when we release this it would first be for a test phase (say a week), so we could tweak/gather more feedback and improve further upon it.

We’re happy to see this sort of feedback, as it aligns closely with what our own idea for it was! We’re working to finalizing the specifics of this update and will release more info as we get closer to it.


We wanted to give you a bit broader outlook of our current development and future for War Clicks, as we really love developing this game and appreciate all the support we have received from you all.


Here’s a recap of things we intend to release in second half of September, that will have most significant impact on improving the game experience for players at all stages of the game:

– more Game automation that will not only help improve experience of the existing players, but also help modernize early/mid-game for new players, as these days idle games simply are gravitating towards more automated mechanics
– We want to introduce more specific and meaningful dynamic goals and rewards to the game at all stages, that are easy to understand and intriguing to reach for. We don’t like how our daily mission and daily tasks are currently designed – monotone, feels like a meaningless grind each day, is awfully designed at later stages, and in the end, the rewards are not interesting/meaningful at all! So we want to change this, and very likely remove both of these and replace them with much better designed dynamic missions/goals. These will keep things less repetitive, keep having you reach for something, and in the end give you a much more satisfying reward relative to where you currently are in the game.

These new goals would also vastly improve showing new players the depth of the game, which is right now awfully introduced, and most new players don’t see it at all – Continue reading

And how do you like your numbers?

We’re happy to let you know that from now on, you can choose how you prefer in-game numbers to be displayed: suffix, engineering or scientific notation! On top of this you can now choose preferred notation for thousand and decimal separator. You’ll find all of these within the general settings!

*These changes require you to refresh the game to properly see.

We’ve done our best to avoid any bugs (display or otherwise), but if you spot any issues with display anywhere, please let us know via reddit or email at info@ warclicks.com

A few other notes:
By default all formatting styles will display with suffix up to 9e11 (K, M, B). If you feel these should also show without the suffixes, let us know and we can consider changing it. But it helped us keep some things simpler.
Some pages collect data from server, where numbers are formatted server side – Shop, competition rankings and several things within CvC & CHQ, and will not take your preference into account. In case of CvC/ CHQ, it WILL take your preference into account, but if you changes your setting, might require a re-login to take effect. We will try to improve this in the following days, but requires some additional coding.
Changing formatting will only take effect after the numbers has changed – i.e. On next cycle/damage done, not immediately on settings change.

On top of the formatting change, we also fixed a display bug for Daily Mission, where in some cases it wouldn’t close.
We also fixed a bug with saving settings sometimes, so hopefully you shouldn’t see issues with that anymore.

If you have any other requests regarding formatting, please let us know, and we’ll see what we can do about it :)

Progression improvements – part2

During the weekend we’ve pushed another set of progression changes, this time mainly touching War Zone experience, especially in late game.
*To make sure you are seeing everything properly and to avoid any issues we suggest refreshing the game if you see this message while playing.

In short, things that were changed:

  • Boss battles were optimized in health to scale better, be more challenging and give a better experience.
  • Level and Rank Battle Stars rewards were significantly increased to stay more on-par with Battle star rewards from battles
  • Achievement rewards were significantly increased
  • Additional upgrade tiers added to DPC HQ upgrades, to keep low level upgrades more up to par, as well as to slightly reduce over-reliance on support units for DPC at late stages. Similarly some price multipliers were reduced for a few upgrades late game.
  • 2 more renown titles and 2 more ranks were added at late stages.

We hope you enjoy the changes – we will be touching more balancing issues when Country vs. Country feature (CvC) is released in the following weeks, as rewards from there will feed back into War Zone and Boot Camp :)

War Clicks team

HotKeys + Autoclicker Pause function added

Today we have added various HotKeys to the game to make it a bit more convenient to use various features! With that we also added the option to PAUSE/Unpause the AutoClicker. You can find the list of Hotkeys by going to settings -> Hotkeys. (If you were in the game make sure to refresh to see these changes properly!)

In short these are the Hotkeys:

Q / W… switches to Boot Camp / War Zone
A / S / D… switch support power to Land / Air / Sea
1… Autocliker Start/ Pause (while in War Zone)
2…start Support attacks (while in WarZone)
3…starts 30s double DPC if you have any (while in War Zone)
Esc… closes the last opened popup/window
Tab…opens/close chat from anywhere in game


We hope you enjoy these – unfortunately they can’t be customized, but we tried to set them up in the most convenient fashion!

War Clicks Team

Development update 27th September

In this week we have deployed a few important game updates:
– ‘Starting Story’ for new players
– How to get more Gold in-game – new popup added
– New Switch Zone Screen animations
– Rank gained – reward info popup added

And resolved important bugs from the list:

-prevented a super rare bug that could result in resetting support units
– Autoclicker texts improved once showing use Autoclicker instead of cooldown
– Support Power animations not popping up through Free Gold popup, Re-Supply Truck popup, Daily Mission popup anymore
-Time challenge weird sounds resolved
-if not finishing the boss, switching to Boot Camp and going back allows you to attack it now
– can’t close the mission tab after finishing it – RESOLVED
– prevent deploying with 0 contractors in JS issue should be sorted
– AutoClicker animations and sounds now stop when running out of fuel
– AutoClicker stops after opening certain popups (daily mission, army setup)
– Competition popup – stats on details updated added

Hopefully, tomorrow we are releasing HOTKEYS, they are almost done, but will need a few additional checks so that all goes well once deployed. Moreover, we will also be releasing upgrade tiers in Army Setup for HQ DPC upgrades, that will enable us to ensure all sort of upgrades are worth it even in later stages!

400,000 players!

We didn’t have any strong marketing campaigns lately, as we were working on game development and specification of upcoming projects, and we still achieved a Milestone of 400,000 players at the beginning of June!

Most of our biggest projects should come out in June and this will surely be supported by different marketing campaigns. This will result in an increased player-base.

We are also considering having a referral competition at the end of June, rules and rewards will be given out when we finally decide if we’d like to go with that kind of event.

We are sure War Clicks will become one of the most recognized games of 2018 in idle/clicker niche with all of its features and upcoming improvements. As we are confident with the current number of 400,000 players, we believe that number will go massively up in the following months.

Do you wonder how we are going to achieve this goal?

– new features coming out in June
– improved Help section
– small changes that should results that players would better understand the game
– going on a new platform – Kongregate
– strong marketing strategy for the end of the June
– referral events
– …more

We are fully prepared and looking forward to reaching our next huge Milestone -half of million of players!
Our strategy for the end of 2018 is in place and we are aiming to reach our first million of players by the end of it!. We know that it won’t be easy to reach all of our goals, but in case everything is set up as it should be, we believe we won’t have issues reaching the goals.

90,000 players!

Our playerbase is constantly growing – we’ve reached a new milestone – 90,000 players! This time it took us around 20 days to reach a new milestone. We’re now closer than ever before to 100,000 players that we plan to reach faster than reaching previous milestones!

We’ve set up important campaigns to attract new players to try the game and join our unique community. With recently released new features, such as Unlocks/Autoclicker we are aiming higher and at this point we invite all our players to send us feedback/opinions on the game. What you’d like to see improved, added, Continue reading