Hey all,

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who shared their opinion in the recent survey about automation, as it is very important to us we go about that update properly. To recap the main takeaways: the vast majority of users do want some sort of automation and would like it to scale/unlock throughout the game. There would definitely be some sort of limitation on it in place, and we would do our best to try and also make it work off tab focus. If any sort of gold unlocks would be added, they’d be added in the form of being able to unlock them earlier instead of reaching a certain game point. Also, one suggestion we really loved, is when we release this it would first be for a test phase (say a week), so we could tweak/gather more feedback and improve further upon it.

We’re happy to see this sort of feedback, as it aligns closely with what our own idea for it was! We’re working to finalizing the specifics of this update and will release more info as we get closer to it.


We wanted to give you a bit broader outlook of our current development and future for War Clicks, as we really love developing this game and appreciate all the support we have received from you all.


Here’s a recap of things we intend to release in second half of September, that will have most significant impact on improving the game experience for players at all stages of the game:

– more Game automation that will not only help improve experience of the existing players, but also help modernize early/mid-game for new players, as these days idle games simply are gravitating towards more automated mechanics
– We want to introduce more specific and meaningful dynamic goals and rewards to the game at all stages, that are easy to understand and intriguing to reach for. We don’t like how our daily mission and daily tasks are currently designed – monotone, feels like a meaningless grind each day, is awfully designed at later stages, and in the end, the rewards are not interesting/meaningful at all! So we want to change this, and very likely remove both of these and replace them with much better designed dynamic missions/goals. These will keep things less repetitive, keep having you reach for something, and in the end give you a much more satisfying reward relative to where you currently are in the game.

These new goals would also vastly improve showing new players the depth of the game, which is right now awfully introduced, and most new players don’t see it at all – and why many think (at early game) that the game has no deeper and unique mechanics and interesting gameplay, causing many new players do not stick with the game longer
– We want to add some more quality of life features, work on some quick balance improvements
– While CHQ rework would require awful a lot of time for a proper rework, we will try to at
least do some faster balance improvements to make some parts of it better even now.


From now on we also want to make it a habit of grouping and scheduling our updates – to optimize our time usage but also to give you a more clear understanding of when significant updates are coming – which we intend to do once per month (end of the month). We think it’s important to give you a clear picture of how/when we can improve the game, and think this will suit you guys much better as well, instead of releasing more rushed, smaller updates that have much less significance.


Also, we want to be fair and honest with you and explain several other things – so we‘d really appreciate it if you take a few minutes and get through the rest of this wall of text :)


As you might have noticed in the past month or two, we were not able to be as active in our channels and released fever updates.


There are several reasons for this that are intertwined, but we’ll try to keep it simple as possible:
War Clicks is our first game, and has been developed for 3 years now, starting as a small side project, learning many things as went along, from code practices, interface, progression, mechanics, marketing, features, changing programmers…. This path resulted in code getting very old and impractical as things were added to it, and also the balance of the game with tons of features is really hard to do well. One thing that made it especially hard is that we always wanted to ensure prevention of exploits and cheating, which has been one of the biggest challenges and “time wasters”, that made adding even simple features an enormous task. As a ton more things need to be tested, considered, balanced, adjusted… Add on top of that players playing the game for years, reworking some core of the game code or balance is very hard to get around, as we simply couldn’t afford to change something to such a degree that would completely change the game for someone who’s been playing for months or even years.


This often meant we had to keep getting around several bad practices or even bad features/balance, instead of rather completely changing/removing them.

Our CTO was most of the time also the lead programmer and the only one understanding the underlying mechanics/numbers to the detail. And with many other tasks in his work schedule, made it very hard to have him working on War Clicks most of the time – this made it very hard to properly improve/rework a lot of the core code or educate our other programmer properly, so he’d be able to help out on the core stuff. Instead, he was mainly able to work on the side features & improvements. And at this stage of the game, majority of improvements/updates that would push the game forward a few levels is revolving around core game updates, which would make it very inefficient and slow to work on with such a team setup.

On top of this, with the game being quite old, it is getting harder and harder to get any significant marketing exposure, which means it’s hard to keep up with getting enough new players in that would allow us to be able to dedicate more resources to its development.

Essentially if we wanted to make some really big changes to the game, like a rework of certain features that are still to this day buggy (i.e. the rare progress revert issues), very accurate balancing of various features, new mechanics, more diversity in events,… it would require a full time focus from our whole team for several months AT LEAST!


And that is something we simply can’t do at this time: one of the reasons is that our CTO was lately needed a lot on an important project, but even more importantly we can’t afford to focus on such a big rework while dropping everything else – please understand we’re a small team and not yet at a level where we could sustain such development for many months without releasing something.

Also, as we’ve been dealing with many bad practices while developing the game on a non-ideal foundation, we were not able to work as much on learning some new, better concepts, that we’d like to bring forward in such a big rework/update of the game. To avoid similar issues in the future of “someone being irreplaceable” we would very much like to work on improving some of our team practices and skills, so that in the future any of us can tackle and improve any part of our games and do so effectively!


That being said, before you might think we’re dropping development of War Clicks – we are NOT! For the foreseeable future, we will continue to develop the game with updates regularly, add/improve features, prepare better events, etc.. However we definitely can’t fully commit to its development at this moment, meaning we have to prioritize most meaningful updates, which also means that some things will be hard to tackle with properly any time soon (better off-focus handling, revert issues, major CHQ overhaul, completely new events…)

As part of our training and learning better coding practices, mechanics, balancing etc. we will be working on some smaller side projects. These will help us expand our company’s pool, and later allow us to focus on big projects like War Clicks and do it much better!

Most of these projects will be worked on by our second programmer, as we’d like him to take lead someday in the near future :) Meanwhile, our current lead will still bring some regular updates to War Clicks each month. Also, he will be preparing a bigger side project, that will be highly linked with War Clicks. The details are not final yet, but we will likely be working on a game inspired by War Clicks’ events, where we will be able to add and test various new events/mechanics in a much better and more optimized way – best part is, that development of these will later allow us to reuse some code and experience from them, to add better/new events to War Clicks for variety and keeping things more interesting than just repeating essentially the same event.


Also with these side projects, we want to gain some experience in fields that would at a later stage potentially allow us to make some new big leaps with War Clicks itself (better competitions, web responsive, mobile, new platforms…)


Bottom line is that we love developing War Clicks and potential it has, but simply at this stage we have to work on some side things, to allow us to better cement our company and to be able to focus on bigger updates in the future.
We hope you can understand the above reasons why we simply can’t fully focus on War Clicks at this time and want to be honest with you of what you can expect updates wise :)

So don’t worry – we will continue developing and supporting the game further – our Support team will always be there for you guys in case you have any issues playing the game… We also intend to keep fixing the most urgent bugs, release balance updates, and provide you with bigger monthly updates as mentioned before.

We can’t wait to release the September updates, and are looking forward to many more things we still want to add/improve! It simply will take a bit more time, but in the end help us keep making War Clicks the best game that we can!

Thank you for taking the time for reading through all of this, we know it’s been a lot to go through! To end with, use promo code TLDR to gain a reward in-game (valid only until the end of September 8th:)

War Clicks team