Running: Friday, August, 9th – Monday, August 12th (13:00 GMT)

The Story goes:
Rental Property Business Event is all about making money renting out real estates you own, buying new profitable apartments, villas or even hotels on attractive locations worldwide and of course finding tenants / guests to fill the empty rooms you are renting out to generate cash and to become a reach real estate mogul!

Maybe it seems easy at first glance, but what if we tell you that your guests won’t be regular guests, but may harm your business and destroy it by using waaaaaay more electricity within rentals than needed, destroying the furniture, writing on the walls, so you may want to emigrate such guests and start from scratch.

Rental Property Business Event

Rental Property Business Event

You’ve found out that you may establish another business than will help you lower the costs to a minimum, and eliminate the enormous costs of electricity. So, you decided to start a renewable energy project buying wind turbines and other power plants that will help you generate your own electicity near your properties.

There are a bunch of renewal energy businesses in front of you, which you will take over to start producing the electricity which you’ll need to run your rental properties economically. But, as the businesses might seem futuristic and cool to run, the guests/tenants may cause you lots of troubles. In every specific rental there is an enormous consumption of a specific energy which you’ll need to provide through your renewable energy businesses.

By finding tenants/guests you’ll generate money for your rental business needs and wishes! Fill empty rooms and build strong business by signing contracts with at least 200 Travel Agencies (200 Contracts signed)!

There are plenty of different renewable energy sources available and you’ll need to establish the right one for every property type, as some where build so that consumes more energy than needed and there are your problematic as well.

General MasterClicker reported that the first Travel agencies are already willing to sign the contract with you so you should be signing contracts at first really easily! But as you continue new Agencies will be hard to make business with, as you’d need to guarantee enough apartments/ hotels to rent out to their guests. You’ll need to continually buying more properties, act fast on the market, produce more electricity/ resources, sell the excess for cash to be able to run a profitable business! Good luck on your path of becoming a rich real estate Mogul! 😉


Note: You are managing your resources from a distance so both Rental properties and Renewable energies will continue producing/ buying/ selling/ working forward even while you are away!


As you conduct a Business and heading over the next one, you’ll also receive various rewards and Rental Points (RP), which you will be able to use for some huge bonuses down the line!

Last but not least, General MasterClicker asked a ton of other excited Rental business owners to help him on this Worldwide Rental mission, you are not alone. Those who manage to conduct lots of Businesses with the Travel agencies renting out free space will be given huge rewards at the end of the event. So make sure to check out the Event rankings and see how you are doing compared to other players and try to outperform them – we know you can!
Special reward

The Winner of the Event (player who signs the most contracts with Travel agencies) will be given a special User Trophy – A Title of the Winner of Rental Property Business Event! That Title will stay on their profiles forever!
Wish you lots of fun! 😊