We’re happy to let you know that from now on, you can choose how you prefer in-game numbers to be displayed: suffix, engineering or scientific notation! On top of this you can now choose preferred notation for thousand and decimal separator. You’ll find all of these within the general settings!

*These changes require you to refresh the game to properly see.

We’ve done our best to avoid any bugs (display or otherwise), but if you spot any issues with display anywhere, please let us know via reddit or email at info@ warclicks.com

A few other notes:
By default all formatting styles will display with suffix up to 9e11 (K, M, B). If you feel these should also show without the suffixes, let us know and we can consider changing it. But it helped us keep some things simpler.
Some pages collect data from server, where numbers are formatted server side – Shop, competition rankings and several things within CvC & CHQ, and will not take your preference into account. In case of CvC/ CHQ, it WILL take your preference into account, but if you changes your setting, might require a re-login to take effect. We will try to improve this in the following days, but requires some additional coding.
Changing formatting will only take effect after the numbers has changed – i.e. On next cycle/damage done, not immediately on settings change.

On top of the formatting change, we also fixed a display bug for Daily Mission, where in some cases it wouldn’t close.
We also fixed a bug with saving settings sometimes, so hopefully you shouldn’t see issues with that anymore.

If you have any other requests regarding formatting, please let us know, and we’ll see what we can do about it :)