When you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, now you’ll have to help out a bunny?

Easter is almost here and you have a special holiday-related mission to complete! Easter bunny and his pals are already waiting on your commands, as they heard that you are a great war strategist with great fighting skills!? So, they thought that you might be able to help them finish their mission…

Your GOAL is to command these Easter Pals and make sure they bring their best to the table!
Although there will be lots of players included in the Event competition, only the best strategists and commanders will end up on TOP.

Easter Egg Hunt Event ends on Tuesday (April 22nd, 14:00 GMT) – …enough words, let’s start with the egg-citement. Great rewards await!

Easter Egg Hunt Event on War Clicks

Easter Egg Hunt Event on War Clicks

P.S.: Keep an eye on the shop during the Event as some event products might get discounted.