We didn’t have any strong marketing campaigns lately, as we were working on game development and specification of upcoming projects, and we still achieved a Milestone of 400,000 players at the beginning of June!

Most of our biggest projects should come out in June and this will surely be supported by different marketing campaigns. This will result in an increased player-base.

We are also considering having a referral competition at the end of June, rules and rewards will be given out when we finally decide if we’d like to go with that kind of event.

We are sure War Clicks will become one of the most recognized games of 2018 in idle/clicker niche with all of its features and upcoming improvements. As we are confident with the current number of 400,000 players, we believe that number will go massively up in the following months.

Do you wonder how we are going to achieve this goal?

– new features coming out in June
– improved Help section
– small changes that should results that players would better understand the game
– going on a new platform – Kongregate
– strong marketing strategy for the end of the June
– referral events
– …more

We are fully prepared and looking forward to reaching our next huge Milestone -half of million of players!
Our strategy for the end of 2018 is in place and we are aiming to reach our first million of players by the end of it!. We know that it won’t be easy to reach all of our goals, but in case everything is set up as it should be, we believe we won’t have issues reaching the goals.