For anyone interested in latest game developments, feel free to check this article a bit, to see what’s coming to War Clicks and what things we improved lately. We’d like to expose the fact that we’re thrilled to develop the game for which we get lots of positive feedback, players just love the game, like to stay around, come back and play, or just enjoy the game and the playing experience as they feel like it.

There are lots of different types of players mixed in the game. Some of them are inclined to compete with others, some just like the single-player elements of the game, and others are just curious where the game can take them to!

We are always searching for best ways to optimize the game, working towards the importance of the features and their deadlines, and still love to hear from you guys about some specific feature improvements, or parts of the game, which you don’t understand clearly. Feel free to let us know anytime!


What’s new/coming:

working on new chat implementation

(new chat main difference: you will be able to communicate with all of your countrymates through the entire game, not just inside Country Invasion part; separate rooms are coming – General chat & Country chat)

CI rework – programming part

(working on programming part of the game, implementing all designed menus, and working on feature connectivity at the moment – more about this topic will be shared soon)

working on Help section updates

(as we’ve added some features during our work on War Clicks development, we didn’t update all features inside the Help section – so, Help will be updated in a few days from now on)

researching Gold and its distribution– preparing reward distribution optimizations

working on specifications of new products, (for example) longer Time Warps, let some other stay a secret for now, will let you know more about it in some of our upcoming posts

updating our Privacy policy and Terms of service – we’ve already sent emails to all of our War Clicks’ players – if you still didn’t confirm your email, please do, as otherwise we won’t be able to send you any updates about some huge game improvements, events and such… (we do not spam with emails, as we don’t like spam either!; so all emails you are receiving have a greater purpose)…


We believe June will be one of the most hard-working months for us, but should result in greater enjoyability of the game itself (..second part is on you- players will decide if they like the updates or not 😛 )


Wish you all a great time playing the game and don’t forget to join the current competitions- you still have around 4 days and some hours to beat some soldiers!


HAVE FUN as we do while working on the upcoming updates 😉


War Clicks Team