Development update: January 8th

– Fixed some issues with calculating final front positions based on user choices
– Fixed an issue where Attack/def progressive bonus wouldn’t reset to 0, if it was under 20 and country won all those fronts
– added reinforcement inbound “timer” to replays to make it more clear how much time attacker has to destroy the HQ
– some various CvC bugfixes/improvements, such as replays returning you back to yesterday’s results
– Balanced CvC fights for HQ to have more significant health, as before a tank getting through would almost 100% destroy the HQ, and defender had no chance to defend. This makes the replays more sensible and allows for more variety than just 0 or 100% bonus rewards
– Various CvC replay bugs fixed, where i.e. tank would roll over turrets, or replay wouldn’t start
– Added prevention of keyboard shortcuts used/fired while on various popups (profile, donate, login popup, activity rewards)
– Fixed an issue where Daily activity rewards wouldn’t properly refresh while in WZ during a daily reset, and you needed to first go to BC and back.
– Fixed an issue where there was a chance that your daily supplies wouldn’t reset if you were online in War Zone during it

GameDev update – August 17th

Yesterday & Today we’ve had to deal with some unexpected issues/tasks but still managed to get a few things deployed:

  • fixed display of Rank rewards to show proper base DPC gain when achieving a specific rank
  • fixed Support Upgrades total “base” power by unit type to not be multiplied by PvP power in the upgrades section as it was misleading
  • buying HQ DPC upgrades will now immediately properly refresh the level of the current upgrade
  • Added an info popup after deploying for first time to make it clearer what happened ot new users
  • Added a similar popup to privatization, that will appear every privatization as it’s quite rare and this helps ensure there’s no “confusion” what it does
  • 10% fuel upgrade restriction pops a confirmation if you’re above 90% fuel
  • resolved some major game loading speed issue, that was causing quite some issues, especially on Chrome

We are also preparing a full priority list of upcoming improvements, bugfixes, additions over the weekend, to give you a broader overview of what we are focusing on and what to expect to be sorted approximately when. We will update/upload it on Monday.

Development Updates – 1st August

The past week we have made some updates that might not have been so obvious:

– We have added a „Country Change“ option where anyone whose country is not selected automatically or on registering, will be able to change it within the game. This can be accessed by clicking on the flag in your profile or on the flag next to your information in the left top of War zone or boot Camp.

– For those that have a country selected, you will only see some information pop up, but we will be looking into extending this to be able to change a country after you already are fighting for one. But there are many things to consider here, so we won’t be opening this option until we have clear solutions on possible problems this might cause (i.e. Rankings, CI stats, rewards…)

  • some chat reliability updates
  • Daily task prevents opening a task if you don’t full fill the condition has been fixed
Patch Notes

Patch Notes


We are currently working on a set of smaller improvements, like adding a “time till next deploy” information within the deploy pop up to make it a lot more informative, fixing some in/out of tab focus issues, working on adding a DPC/Support power multiplier effect to PvP upgrades, working on improving Convert rewards, improving War Zone balancing, Improving some things regarding PvP battles and sorting out a set of bugs and other playability improvements.

A lot of these updates will be trickled out over the next few days, but next few in general will be filled with many improvements all around the game, so keep an eye for them :)

Development Updates – 2nd July

Yesterday’s deployed update covers:

  • Fixed many Autoclicker issues where opening/closing various popups would mess it up.
  • Autoclicker issues with switching screens should be resolved.
  • Autoclicker should now work/catch up properly if window is out of focus. This catch up was also optimized so it shouldn’t suddenly “freeze” your browser anymore.
  • AutoClicker exploit via out-focusing your tab on Boss fights is now prevented
  • Various minor bug fixes and display issues have been sorted in Country HQ and some other parts of the game.

War Clicks team

June 29th GameDev Update – CHAT added + Bug fixes & improvements

Yesterday we launched our completely reworked in-game chat system where you can chat privately with your  country mates and discuss strategies, or go all-out in our general chat! Super convenient to use via TAB button from anywhere in the game – check it out and have some friendly banter with competing countries/players :)

New CHAT -hiding inside ;)


We also fixed quite a few bugs to improve your experience:

  • issue with War Zone missions not being properly counted. After accepting a mission, the progress up to the first game update wasn’t saved. This affected any mission type
  • We also fixed an issue with the clicks mission where there were 10x too little clicks required to complete the missions.
  • Added a sound when mission completes, and open up the mission widget automatically if it isn’t visible/opened by the player to indicate mission completion clearly.
  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t counting Boss clicks properly towards the mission progress.
  • Fixed video reward views to count towards mission progress properly. Also changed fuel video views to properly reward fuel instead of gold in case of ad errors.
  • We fixed the issue of „black screen“ on BC that happened in some cases if you had a popup opened, went to another screen and got back.
  • Prevented double click on zone switches, which caused some clicks to fire twice (i.e. On BC upgrades/trainers.
  • The above two fixes should help prevent the „&4234 health“ or blank bars issues in BC and WZ in some cases, as well as the annoying „double music overlap“. We are still looking if other cases could cause these. Please let us know if you spot any issues with these still :)
  • Force update on War Zone before opening HQ to ensure progress is saved properly
  • We also did a few bug fixes on the chat that should improve reliability. We are still working on some stability and usability improvements


Enjoy! 😉

War Clicks team

Development Updates – 27th June

We’re halfway into our “bug hunting week” and we are glad to report that today we have squashed several of the most annoying bugs some of you have been experiencing – several bugs related to War Zone saving/progress issue!

– Fixed several issues where using 30s DPC, buying upgrades (or any other action) during a Boss Battle resulted in some progress not being saved sometimes.
– Fixed issues with gold and fuel drops from units would not be saved correctly
– Fixed issues with using 30s double DPC upgrade, as well as issues with unchanged fuel consumption when buying Double/Triple DPC that resulted in lost progress
– Display issues when buying several 30s DPC-upgrade will now show the proper amount of remaining uses
– DPC in player profiles will now display correctly

We are continuing with other bugfixes and improvements, so expect your experience to be further improved in the following days :)

We also realize that the in-game chat is highly anticipated, and we are happy to say that after various issues of deploying it live, we have managed to fix them today so the chat will finally be added for everyone to use tomorrow!!

War Clicks team

Development Updates – 26th June

We just deployed a smaller update that fixes & changes some things in Country HQ:
– Invasion unlock and buy chances now have a confirmation popup so you can’t use them by mistake
– Country stats are not working in some cases fixed
– We made Treasury gold gained from completing Break the Line battles scale with the amount of active users a country has, to make it fair.  The treasury gold reward will scale at the same time as upgrade costs.
Furthermore, with this change the Air Strike cost was increased by 50%
– Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to get our new chat working on the live servers -> we are working frantically to get it sorted as we know it’s missed and it’s going to be an awesome addition!

Working on game improvements

Working on game improvements

After a lot of feedback and thinking we have also decided to change the way country score competition works. Now it will NOT compare score difference from end of last week, but only count gained score in a country by all users during a competition week.
This will remove a lot of confusion about the competition and make the results less dependent on any players not being active.

This week we are also focusing on many bugfixes and improvements that have been annoying you guys the most! We hope to have a large list of fixes for you to read by the end of the week J Next week we will be relooking at any number/balance changes for Country HQ so we appreciate any additional feedback :)

Have a lovely day!
War Clicks Team

Development Updates- 30th May

For anyone interested in latest game developments, feel free to check this article a bit, to see what’s coming to War Clicks and what things we improved lately. We’d like to expose the fact that we’re thrilled to develop the game for which we get lots of positive feedback, players just love the game, like to stay around, come back and play, or just enjoy the game and the playing experience as they feel like it.

There are lots of different types of players mixed in the game. Some of them are inclined to compete with others, some just like the single-player elements of the game, and others are just curious where the game can take them to!

We are always searching for best ways to optimize the game, working towards the importance of the features and their deadlines, and still love to hear from you guys about some specific feature improvements, or parts of the game, which you don’t understand clearly. Feel free to let us know anytime!


What’s new/coming:

working on new chat implementation

(new chat main difference: you will be able to communicate with all of your countrymates through the entire game, not just inside Country Invasion part; separate rooms are coming – General chat & Country chat)

CI rework – programming part

(working on programming part of the game, implementing all designed menus, and working on feature connectivity at the moment – more about this topic will be shared soon)

working on Help section updates

(as we’ve added some features during our work on War Clicks development, we didn’t update all features inside the Help section – so, Help will be updated in a few days from now on)

researching Gold and its distribution– preparing reward distribution optimizations

working on specifications of new products, (for example) longer Time Warps, let some other stay a secret for now, will let you know more about it in some of our upcoming posts

updating our Privacy policy and Terms of service – we’ve already sent emails to all of our War Clicks’ players – if you still didn’t confirm your email, please do, as otherwise we won’t be able to send you any updates about some huge game improvements, events and such… (we do not spam with emails, as we don’t like spam either!; so all emails you are receiving have a greater purpose)…


We believe June will be one of the most hard-working months for us, but should result in greater enjoyability of the game itself (..second part is on you- players will decide if they like the updates or not 😛 )


Wish you all a great time playing the game and don’t forget to join the current competitions- you still have around 4 days and some hours to beat some soldiers!


HAVE FUN as we do while working on the upcoming updates 😉


War Clicks Team

Country Stats RELEASED

Are you wondering in which position you are currently in your Country?

Between all ranking tables that we’ve implemented so far, you still didn’t have a chance to check one of the most interesting ones – your current position within your country!
For that reason, we’ve added this feature, so you can now check where you’re at by Total Score and Power Points gained.

County Stats

County Stats

It’s a feature that can surely help you out, when you have some real vision and goals to beat your Country Leader or some of your friends.

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