We’ve been doing a lot of consistent improvements and updates to the game in the last 30 days – some of the main features have received their own posts with more information, but here’s a quick recap of various small fixes, improvements and updates that were added:

  • Improved loading screen handling
  • Sorted some remaining bugs when putting game out of focus and back in that caused some display issues
  • SPW properly reducing chances if respin is won
  • New Splash pages added for you to use, along with prettified refer-a-friend section

  • Several display and bug fixes on achievements and milestones were sorted
  • Click/effect sounds were added on some parts of the game they were missing at
  • Invasion pointer issue sorted
  • Several save progress issues sorted in WZ – specifically caused by rounding when purchasing upgrades, as well as some fuel consumption rounding problems
  • Fixed score rankings in competitions widget
  • Fixed clickability of profile button
  • Some improvements to video ad handling, preventing a few of weird cases & in case of an error granting full reward
  • BootCamp tents increase to ensure there’s enough space for big numbers
  • Massive progression improvements in BC and WZ
  • New unit decay sprites on WarZone units
  • Unlocks added to WarZone that add an autoclicker feature to the game, which makes it a lot more enjoyable as it removes a lot of need for clicking or at least no need to do it so ferociously anymore :)
  • Improved Boss graphics so it differentiates from normal units better
  • Slightly different tents for various types of units (land, sea, air)
  • Pretified competitions widget to make it clearer
  • When fuel is low it will now start a red animation to make it clearer for new users it’s out
  • Various small display and rounding issues sorted in several places of Bootcamp and WarZone and other minor updates for better experience and performance of the game

We are currently working on finishing a few tasks focused on expanding our userbase, platform extension as well as ensure better stability (fallback on failed save requests that result in lost progress in case of 400 errors). Some rework of video ad viewing is also pending to improve experience there, as well as potentially add a few new reward types where you could view it, as well as working on improving progression at various game points.


Once we have these out of the way we will properly look at priority/demand for potential next bigger steps/update of the game and give you a better picture of what we still have planned to make WarClicks even better! Web mobile, in-game chats, CI improvements, events, new type of upgrades/late game, better competition elements are one of the main things we still need to establish clear plans for and what we want to undertake and what not.


Please let us know in the comments if there’s anything specific you’d like to see added/improved in the game, (even if it’s not on that list) as it might help us establish priorities better :)