Go to WarZone, open Army setup and you’ll find a new category we just added: Unlocks!

A completely new section that will add additional value to your accounts. Currently, we have five different Unlocks, four of them can be unlocked simply by progression in WarZone (Levels/Ranks) and the last one can unlocked via Gold – because it’s a kind of unlimited product, that allows the Auto Clicker unlock to run on it’s own indefinitely without a cooldown period.

UPDATED: Upgrades & Unlocks (Command Center)

UPDATED: Upgrades & Unlocks (Command Center)

Important things to understand:

By unlocking AutoClicker to your arsenal, it will help you destroy units in WarZone with less effort and ensure your mouse stays intact and you don’t get a carpal tunnel syndrome!

Autoclicker item

Autoclicker item

‘Unlock’  new products improve firing time before it overheats, reduce cooldown, firing rate. For new players we suggest to unlock products and their upgrades quickly, to get the most out of your experience. However, the most valuable product that can be bought by Gold adds the final upgrade to the autoclicker (along with all unlockable ones), which maximizing its firing rate and prevents overheating.

Similarly,  if you buy for example Unlock3 first, it also unlocks Unlock1 & 2 and the boosts they add.


Unlocks1-4: Once activated, Autoclicker will fire automatically for some time until it overheats. Then it needs some time to cooldown and then you can Start it again- to fight without you clicking manually. These upgrades improve the firing time of the autoclicker beforeit overheads, reduce its cooldown and/or improve the firing rate.


Unlock5: Once bought you don’t need to manually work with Autoclickers again, as it works alone & automatically, you just need to start it once you come into WarZone and once you refuel the Fuel (after taking Time challenges).


AutoClicker sounds can be turned off/on in Settings, as well as being able to completely disable it should you prefer sticking to manual clicking altogether!


We are aware that now more active players will play and fight in WarZone as this feature adds more value to WarZone as it takes a less clicking efforts that might in the previous version be a little annoying. But, we’ve resolved it now, so don’t forget to use those Unlocks in your favor to beat your opponents and to progress faster! We hope we can add more interesting unlocks to the game in future updates :)


Have a great day,

WarClicks Team