Big progression improvement update!

We’ve just rolled out a big progression update to WarClicks, that will improve your gameplay experience and make playing a lot funner again!


While most of the changes touch the „late game“ progression, some traces of it will be found by everyone. With this change we have also remove the „reset rewards“ badges, that gave temporary boosts to players who joined WarClicks before 1st December 2017. We’re happy to say that the progression updates take the boost reduction for old players into account and for the most part you will maintain a similar level of progression getting back into the game – on top of progression/upgrades above you helping you out far better! Specifically WarZone DPC boosts were massive, so if you’re an old player that had a massive boost there you will note a significant drop in DPC there. But the battles and bosses toughness have been properly adjusted for that.

These changes mean that your progress/speed of gain in-game will possibly be a lot different than last time you checked – in some cases lowered, in some raised, depending on where in game you were. Make sure to check out both BootCamp and WarZone (especially HQ and support power upgrade in WZ!) upgrades, as you’ll likely be able to buy a ton of them from the get to if you’re at a higher stage in the game!


If you’re interested about the details (as well as some info on things we will still touch/improve) you will find them at the very bottom, but here’s a quick recap of the major progression changes – we touched as many areas of the game as possible and improved upon them.



  • Investor bonuses (from 3rd one onwards) have been DOUBLED – via the addition of several past updates they became less cost-worthy, so this will now make them a LOT better again. Remember that Investors are NEVER lost, and therefore represent one of the best gold investments you can make!
  • The first privatization threshold has been raised from 10e30 to 10e40 as it was speeding up things a bit too quickly.
  • Significant milestones of units (2000, 3000, 4000, 5000) trained have received a big buff in reward, to help you make a bigger leap forwards when you reach those.
  • Convert rewards have been increased for the faster progression, and are now much more significant even at higher levels!
  • Many new upgrades have been added past 10e119, to expand the late game progression.




  • 6 new high level HQ upgrades have been added, making your overall DPC a lot more based off it, instead of almost fully from support at late game.
  • For similar reason, DPC you gain from ranks has been VASTLY increased!
  • To limit the support unit losses and with that a way-too-big impact on your DPC we have reduced max loss from sacrifice from 10% to 4%. Remember that the loss is relative to the damage you do to a boss, so make sure to hit it as hard as possible, even if you’ll have to sacrifice!
  • For now we’ve let PvP unit loss stay at a max 5%, something we will relook and further balance with a few upcoming changes to PvP rewards.
  • Battle Stars reward from invasion have been increased by 10x. This might take a day to take affect for new invasions.
  • Support power upgrade cost multipliers have been significantly reduced, resulting in being able to increase your support power far more – and actually making it a viable strategy and helper late game.
  • Rewards from claiming „activity rewards“ have been increased by 20x
  • Most importantly battle toughness and boss toughness have been adjusted thoroughly over the course of whole game, mainly at mid and high levels, to make for a better experience and progression. Before bosses were too easy at some points, impossible at some (similar with regular battles). We DID take the removal of temporary boosts for old players into account, so you should be able to progress properly even without them now.


What’s next: We will be further fine-tuning the progress at various points in the game, which is where your feedback is greatly always appreciated as it helps us determine how we want to pace the game, especially at later stages! PvP and Country Invasion is something we want to look into more detail still, among with other minor changes we will still be doing over the course of next weeks.


Next week the latest we’ll also be releasing a major new addition to WarZone to make playing far more enjoyable, along with a few other smaller changes!


Some more details on a few of the changes: Milestone Production rewards have (for all units) been increased from a 2x multiplier to:


  • 4x at 2000 units
  • 5x at 3000 units
  • 6x at 4000 units
  • 4 x at 5000 units


Score reward from convert has been increased by 10x Battle Stars reward has been increase by 10x. If the reward is then bigger than 500k BS it’s increased by 10x again. If it’s over 10mil then, it’s increased by another 2x multiplier! This will make the rewards scale far better at mid/late game and actually make them worth it. We will be further fine tuning this in the next couple of weeks, as we didn’t want to overshoot it with the first change.


We hope you like the new changes – it should definitely make the game a lot more playable at all stages – if you by any chance experience the opposite or find room for improvement at a specific point in-game please do let us know and we will definitely look into it, as we are still tweaking and improving things constantly!

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  1. i think the gold you can sometimes get from the country invasion should go to the players who helped destroy the base and not to the country treasury.

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