Country Invasion – Part1

War Clicks is not stopping after massive improvements in the previous months! The game is optimized as never before, and we still have lots of work to put in improving specific game features and polish the game as best as possible for all upcoming future improvements/updates.

As we love to hear feedback from players, we decided to let all players take part in upcoming Country Invasion rework.
We already have an idea of how to rework Country Invasion to make it fun, engaging, and playable for everyone/for countries of all sizes as well as to address several current issues (inactive leaders, better progression, rewards that matter to everyone (always…), how to make it more of a group effort instead of just a few individuals…)  – but would still love to give you a chance to express your opinion, desires and ideas of what you’d like Country Invasion to involve/become!

Here are just some of the topics we’d love to hear from you:
1.) What do you find most annoying in the current version of Country Invasion?
2.) What exactly would you like to add to make Country Invasion more fun to play?
3.) Do you find Country Invasion as one of the main features in War Clicks? If yes, why?
4.) What is more important to you – WarZone’s Rank or BootCamp’s Renown?
5.) Would you like to see every soldier have some power to Vote on specific country topics/ decisions?
6.) (other ideas, wishes) …

We believe together we can create one of the most addicting games of 2018! Let’s do it! :)

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Wish you all great fighting,

War Clicks Team

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  1. 1. With the inactive leaders being addressed that would be one, but also not having an extra way to improve damage done actively is aggravating.
    2. There are three things I would add to make it better to play. Add sub-stations to the base that could be destroyed to give some minor rewards incase everyone else is not being a team player. Add the ability for the Country leader to have a cabinet of the top 5 players under him/her to be also capable of air strikes (perhaps minor strikes called invasions that could equal all together). These cabinet positions would be called Generals or perhaps Commanders I-V. And the third would be the ability to expend some of your support power units or to add their damage done into your total clicking force. Perhaps a favored unit for a player to make it seem more unique each time you go in. (Light assault vehicles could be used for one player on a time where as attack helicopters are for another with switches of units inbetween.)

    3. I find it to be an interesting but not main feature as with an inactive leader we hardly have a chance to get any spoils/break through. Perhaps a campaign way that individual players who do their part get partial spoils and then hit the main fight that can then be the big battle. That way participating players can get rewarded where as players who do nothing don’t simply lounge around.
    4. I’d say renown, but i’m indifferent on the matter.
    5. Not every soldier, i’d break it down to two seconds. High Officials and low officials. New players should get to vote on things that give minute/ weak benefits where as older veteran players should get the right to vote on higher ranked stuff to push the country where it needs to go.
    6. I’d like an extra way to garner renown to spend and to gain gold without paying. I know its how you folks make your money but theres a lot of things that could be added such as cosmetics without lining things behind a huge barrier. Perhaps give a gold as a log-in award with a cap of perhaps 50 each day if you logged on for a month straight? A game I play particularly a lot does this but on a much smaller scale called bacteria takeover. Each day you log in you get an increasing reward of diamonds which you can use as premium currency which keeps you playing. Just food for thought! Keep up the good work.

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