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Country Headquarters RELEASED!

Jump in and get a feel for the new base of command. Fighting for your country hasn’t been as enjoyable as it is now with Country headquarters (HQ) – your main screen to Fight Country Invasion, defend/attack other countries (coming soon) and Vote for country decisions and strategies …

Country Headquarters

Country Headquarters

Complete all requirements to get a right to Vote on Country decisions, for example: when should a country use Air Strike to complete Enemy Base – Break the Line immediately or which upgrade should a country use for their citizens, and more decisions coming in the future…

Gain rewards for fighting, become an important soldier of your country, increase your Voting power to become one of the Council members (elite country members defined by most Voting Power; they have the biggest impact when Voting on country decisions). But, its not only their word that counts, it is everyone’s decision that will put a country on a road they imagine as the best for all.

Are you more of an Investor or even better a Donator?
Country Treasury matters! So, keep an eye on it and help donate to it if needed to help country make best decisions on Voting. It doesn’t come only with great benefits for your country, but also gets you recognition and gratitude of your fellow countrymen – those war ladies/gents will not forget it! On top of that you’ll also get an increase in Voting Power  and Clicking Force for yourself and with that gain more power when fighting battles and voting on country decisions..

Do you believe fighting is boring? Haha, it can’t be if you have bigger goals imagined! Did you ever wonder how would it be to become a country leader on a specific field?? Find your place as being at the top of the Country Council, top of Donator list,  top player by Score or by Power Points, become one of the most recognizable players in your country or even better on the whole world. Expose yourself, find your secret strengths, set your goals and fight till you reach them!

War Clicks offers a variety of options to strive for! Explore around, open all hidden features, communicate with other players and with your countryman, complete all achievements, aim for the highest country ranks and titles, …
What are you waiting for?? Try new features of War Clicks now! (you won’t regret anything, but the months spent in the game :)  )

See you inside 😉

Country Invasion – Sneak Peak

Country Invasion (CI) part of the game is usually important for more-experienced players that find additional value in fighting for their countries! As we believe players need to find a strong reason to play games for longer periods of time, we are sure some of them will find that ‘sparkle/reason’ in upcoming Country Invasion.  We already mentioned all discouraging factors of current CI version (LINK) and plans of what needs to be improved, and we are close now.

Most of graphics have now been created, currently working on programming parts.

Today, we decided to share our first graphics/ sneak peak of new Country Headquarters for all of our curious players! :)


Headquarters are divided into 3 main parts: Invasion, Country vs. Country attacks (CvC – coming in 2nd part of CI development) and Voting part to Vote on what you think is the best for the country.
Let this be all, for now, we’ll let you know more about the functions and different features inside CI in upcoming posts. We believe new CI should be released in about a week from now on (if all the testing goes well); you guys deserve to play the game which includes such features.

June is going to be an awesome month for War Clicks, so stay close! 😉

Country Invasion / Part 2

Country Invasion has been a part of War Clicks since the start, but we were never fully happy with the experience it conveyed – we always wanted it to be a cool addition to the game and require some teamwork to achieve common goals. We already had huge reasons to rework it (and how) but about 2 weeks ago we asked for your opinions as well, to get a broader picture of not what just we want – but also that it’s aligned with thoughts and desires of our community – and we are happy to say that we all see similar issues and see similar solutions and ideas to make it way better!


The main issues of the existing Country Invasion (CI):

  • lack of teamwork feeling (majority of the damage done by only a few, awful new user experience)
  • lack of properly balanced rewards, especially in late game
  • fights become not interesting/boring/impossible to progress at the certain stages
  • inactive country leader problem – no option to skip bosses if the leader is inactive, lack of other commanding options/decisions
  • treasury has little to no meaning currently. No user benefits from donating
    -More users should have a say in decisions, but to keep sense of „knowing what to do“, the decisions should be at least partly centralized to the top/most experienced players.
  • No teamwork or “country” feeling. There should be fights/battles between countries.
  • very limited chat, that makes it hard to converse and is annoying to use only within CI


After taking all of that in we had discussed tons of ideas and made an important conclusion – to resolve all of the above and make CI awesome and fun to play for everyone, we had to do it right. We decided that we rather take proper time to Continue reading

Country Invasion – Part1

War Clicks is not stopping after massive improvements in the previous months! The game is optimized as never before, and we still have lots of work to put in improving specific game features and polish the game as best as possible for all upcoming future improvements/updates.

As we love to hear feedback from players, we decided to let all players take part in upcoming Country Invasion rework.
We already have an idea of how to rework Country Invasion to make it fun, engaging, and playable for everyone/for countries of all sizes as well as to address several current issues (inactive leaders, better progression, rewards that matter to everyone (always…), how to make it more of a group effort instead of just a few individuals…)  – but would still love to give you a chance to express your opinion, desires and ideas of what you’d like Country Invasion to involve/become!

Here are just some of the topics we’d love to hear from you:
1.) What do you find most annoying in the current version of Country Invasion?
2.) What exactly would you like to add to make Country Invasion more fun to play?
3.) Do you find Country Invasion as one of the main features in War Clicks? If yes, why?
4.) What is more important to you – WarZone’s Rank or BootCamp’s Renown?
5.) Would you like to see every soldier have some power to Vote on specific country topics/ decisions?
6.) (other ideas, wishes) …

We believe together we can create one of the most addicting games of 2018! Let’s do it! :)

..and yeah, don’t forget to make use of Today’s up to 25% Extra Gold offer 😉

Wish you all great fighting,

War Clicks Team

Important change to Country Invasion

After the new invasion being out for about 2 weeks now, we have done various adjusting already, and overall the rework has been a success!

But we’ve noticed that Break The Lines have kept some countries back a bit too much, especially because it seems that most leaders/countries are NOT deciding to use the Air strike option to skip these, even though in a lot of cases that would be the best for their country progression.

So before we get to the change we have made today, we’d like to again reiterate the potential importance in using the Air Strike option, as using it “properly” can improve your country’s experience/progression so much! While currently this is down to the sole decision of the leader – we urge you to try to convince & talk with the leader to use it if you deem it the best choice.


Continue reading

Country Stats RELEASED

Are you wondering in which position you are currently in your Country?

Between all ranking tables that we’ve implemented so far, you still didn’t have a chance to check one of the most interesting ones – your current position within your country!
For that reason, we’ve added this feature, so you can now check where you’re at by Total Score and Power Points gained.

County Stats

County Stats

It’s a feature that can surely help you out, when you have some real vision and goals to beat your Country Leader or some of your friends.

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Country Invasion progression and spoils updated!

Following user feedback, complaints and suggestions, we’ve just uploaded some changes to country invasion progression and rewards.

Shortly put, the “bottom end” of invasions are now far easier to destroy, so all countries will be able to “climb back” to their old battles much faster, as well as “multiplying” the spoils faster (as the higher bases have a bigger BS reward per hp).

On top of that, all BS spoils per hp have been doubled.

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New Bases – Country Invasion

Did you already find new Enemy Bases in Country Invasion? We’ve prepared two new Enemy Bases and a new Boss Fight (Break the Line).

All in all, these new graphics should make the experience that much better, opposed to constantly attacking the same bases. In the future you can expect a few more improved graphics in Country Invasion, as well as other parts of the game – but we’re now temporarily moving to other game updates, that will add/change some core game mechanics and make it that more fun and intriguing to play in the first place.

What’s most important to us is that these updates improve the gameplay experience for you and makes it more fun to play WarClicks!

All feedback is warmly welcomed!

Team WarClicks

Country Invasion revamp complete

We are extremely happy to announce that the full revamp of Country Invasion has just been deployed live with today’s update!

Not only the way Country Invasion works has been updated, but the way it looks as well! We believe that these changes will make Country Invasion much more fun, exciting, rewarding and fair to play. With this update, the first introduction of leadership decisions has also been added, which is something we will elaborate on and expand in future updates, as it is something we’ve been longing to do since the beginning.

Since this was a complete rework, we also had to reset the progress of the countries, meaning that countries will now start from „enemy base 1“ – but due to new mechanics should be able to quickly progress to the stages you were at before. Also note that progression calculations and rewards have been updated, along with several bugs fixed, which previously resulted in slightly unbalanced and unfair (bugged) gameplay – all of which is now fixed and works as desired. You will also notice some improvements to the country chat, making it more useful and convenient.

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Country Invasion – Boss Fights – Country Leader and more

The way country Invasion works is getting reworked to make it much funner and exciting to play! We’re currently working on adding additional features/design/animations, making it bug free, user friendlier, improve gameplay, and adding room for some extra country-based strategies…


Country Invasion

The First and the most important improvement is that you’ll now have the option to fight more than one enemy base in a single day (if any completed). Enemy Base progress will be reset, but all of your current clicking force will stay untouched, so your country should get through the early invasions really quickly.

These changes will make sure no one will be left out of the reward pool regardless of when you can get to it in a day! As well as giving strong countries the chance to utilize Continue reading