After the new invasion being out for about 2 weeks now, we have done various adjusting already, and overall the rework has been a success!

But we’ve noticed that Break The Lines have kept some countries back a bit too much, especially because it seems that most leaders/countries are NOT deciding to use the Air strike option to skip these, even though in a lot of cases that would be the best for their country progression.

So before we get to the change we have made today, we’d like to again reiterate the potential importance in using the Air Strike option, as using it “properly” can improve your country’s experience/progression so much! While currently this is down to the sole decision of the leader – we urge you to try to convince & talk with the leader to use it if you deem it the best choice.


*We will improve this with a voting system in the future, but for now your leader holds the key to using it properly.*


Anyway, to the change made:
To help alleviate the pressure of Break The Line and as the rework hasn’t completely stuck with some players/countries, we have decided to change how not completing Break The Line affects your country.

Break The Line IS an important barrier to induce strategy, decision & cooperation amongst countrymen so we will NOT be removing it’s negative/barrier effect completely, as it would ruin the purpose of Country Invasions.

But to give smaller countries a better chance at progressing, and just overall give countries a chance to not get “completely stuck”, we have change the effect of not breaking the line from:

“It pushes you back to the previous enemy base”


“Break The Line remains, but heals 10% of it’s overall health if it’s not completed by the end of the day”.

This will ensure that there’s always the option to complete it over several days without losing all progress, but at the same time makes sure that it DOES need active contribution and cooperation/strategy making.

As a last note, we’d again like to emphasize the potential strategical importance of using Air Strikes. Is it always worth it trying to “beat the line” and saving that treasury gold, or can using it give your country better progression/boost?

That’s up to you guys to figure out and decide on :)