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Important change to Country Invasion

After the new invasion being out for about 2 weeks now, we have done various adjusting already, and overall the rework has been a success!

But we’ve noticed that Break The Lines have kept some countries back a bit too much, especially because it seems that most leaders/countries are NOT deciding to use the Air strike option to skip these, even though in a lot of cases that would be the best for their country progression.

So before we get to the change we have made today, we’d like to again reiterate the potential importance in using the Air Strike option, as using it “properly” can improve your country’s experience/progression so much! While currently this is down to the sole decision of the leader – we urge you to try to convince & talk with the leader to use it if you deem it the best choice.


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Country Invasion revamp complete

We are extremely happy to announce that the full revamp of Country Invasion has just been deployed live with today’s update!

Not only the way Country Invasion works has been updated, but the way it looks as well! We believe that these changes will make Country Invasion much more fun, exciting, rewarding and fair to play. With this update, the first introduction of leadership decisions has also been added, which is something we will elaborate on and expand in future updates, as it is something we’ve been longing to do since the beginning.

Since this was a complete rework, we also had to reset the progress of the countries, meaning that countries will now start from „enemy base 1“ – but due to new mechanics should be able to quickly progress to the stages you were at before. Also note that progression calculations and rewards have been updated, along with several bugs fixed, which previously resulted in slightly unbalanced and unfair (bugged) gameplay – all of which is now fixed and works as desired. You will also notice some improvements to the country chat, making it more useful and convenient.

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