We are extremely happy to announce that the full revamp of Country Invasion has just been deployed live with today’s update!

Not only the way Country Invasion works has been updated, but the way it looks as well! We believe that these changes will make Country Invasion much more fun, exciting, rewarding and fair to play. With this update, the first introduction of leadership decisions has also been added, which is something we will elaborate on and expand in future updates, as it is something we’ve been longing to do since the beginning.

Since this was a complete rework, we also had to reset the progress of the countries, meaning that countries will now start from „enemy base 1“ – but due to new mechanics should be able to quickly progress to the stages you were at before. Also note that progression calculations and rewards have been updated, along with several bugs fixed, which previously resulted in slightly unbalanced and unfair (bugged) gameplay – all of which is now fixed and works as desired. You will also notice some improvements to the country chat, making it more useful and convenient.

  • If anyone completed today’s invasions before the update was released, your daily chances have been reset and you can have another go at it. We apologize for any inconvenience but it was a needed step for implementation purposes.

With the update we also removed the function of stored damage, as we have slightly changed the plans and deem the function inferior compare to our other expansions ideas for Country Invasion. Regardless, we realize the work you folks have been putting into that stored damage, and have therefore converted stored damage of countries into gold (based on some equation), that has now been safely put and secured into your Country Treasury. This will be spendable in the new “Air strike” function to skip “boss fights”, along with several future uses we plan to add to the invasion.

We hope you love the changes – we certainly do :) Please feedback to us via social media, commenting here, our subreddit or via email – we always love to hear back from you guys!

For more info on exactly what was changed, please read the below information about the revamped Country Invasion:
Step up and fight for your country as it expands its territory by overtaking enemy bases!
Fighting together with your countrymen grants huge rewards (spoils) for your own efforts as well as rewards everyone contributing in the country additionally!

While it’s possible to fight and progress on your own, working together and inviting new recruits to your country gets you so much further, so much quicker. And boy do you want to progress fast to plunder much bigger spoils!

Every enemy base destroyed will add a certain amount of spoils to Overall country spoils for that day. All enemy bases destroyed will add a certain amount of Battle Stars to the spoils, where special bases (Break The Line) will also award extra gold to every participant from the country in that day.

*Battle Stars spoils are divided amongst all contributors within a country, whereas Gold spoil is rewarded to every participant in full amount.

Rewards for contributing in Country Invasion will automatically be paid to you the next day you get to the WarZone.
(Not going to the WarZone the next day will void your rewards as your contributions will be considered of fully altruistic nature for the betterment of your Country!)

The more you contribute, the more you gain!

While any Gold spoils will be distributed to all members within a country who contributed, those who do more of the overall damage, will get that much more! So it is very worth it to give it your best, as that way you will not only help your country progress and plunder more, you will also get a much bigger share of the Battle Stars spoils!

How spoils are shared

A part of the Battle Stars spoils (20%) is shared equally amongst all of the contributors. The rest (80%) is shared to contributors based on the amount of overall damage they’ve done in that day to enemy bases.

Break The Line (boss fights)boss

Pushing the frontlines is not easy, as every while your country will have to “Break The Line”. These are super fortified enemy bases that are much harder to break through.
What is more, if a country does not break the line by the end of the day, the enemy forces will push your country back to fight the previous base again.

Breaking through the line successfully will fill your country’s treasury with Gold, as well as rewarding every contributor with a big share of it!
(50% of Gold rewards will be given to every contributor, and the other 50% will be multiplied 5x times and added to the treasury)

Sometimes Breaking the line might not be the best strategic decision for your country, as the defenses might be too tight. In those cases you can consult with your Country leader to order an air strike and destroy the line.

This will obliterate the base and any enemy spoils within it, but allow your country to progress faster again. And those strikes aren’t cheap either for the treasury – so use them wisely!


Country treasury allows the country leader to make costly strategic decisions that will affect the progression of your country. Treasury can be filled by Breaking The Line, and by Countrymen contributing donations to it!

* There will be additional strategic options added to Country Invasion in future updates, along with voting mechanics where every member will have a voice in making various decisions based on ranking, as well as taking any past donations into account for bigger voting power.


Other changes/additions

You will also notice that with these changes, having an active Double and/or Triple DPC upgrade (buyable from the shop)  will multiply your clicking force in Invasions, adding tons of additional value (other than pure convenience) to these upgrades!


To be able to progress more and have a better chance at breaking the line, you will also be able to buy additional chances (beyond the 3 daily) by spending some gold. While these are limited, every time you buy one the price of it will double – to prevent exploitation and over-reliance on the feature. Price will reset the next server day.
Wish you a lot of fun,
WarClicks Team