Just a short sum of what we are currently working on… Our programming team is working on optimizing new goals that will be represented in the following days, which will give you a clearer overview of boot camp numbers and also be able to collect rewards by reaching goals on your road to becoming the most powerful soldier in WarClicks!

On the other side, we are going fully in promoting the game, creating a Press-Kit page so that we have a tool for all journalist around that are willing to spread the word about Warclicks through their channels. We are also expecting new videos to come on YouTube in the near future, which should get us quite a huge traffic boost that we need to lift the game to stages the game itself deserves!

By having more media coverage and optimizing the game better we think that this is currently one of the most steps in its development. WarClicks is improving every day with new optimized features, by listening to the crowd and their truthful opinion, we have come to the conclusion that we need to improve WarZone quite a bit. We are currently brainstorming some ideas and soon we’ll have the plan to rework/optimize the game as it should be to serve all players even a funner experience. That’s our MAIN GOAL – to improve WarClicks to that stage, that we’ll ALL be grateful to be part of the community!

Have a great day and don’t forget to come back to check for recent updates on the game 😉

Team WarClicks