Santa here…. let’s play the Event and claim more rewards!

We just started Santa’s Revenge Event, go play it on War Clicks now, it is available to play until this Sunday, December 27th (14:00 GMT). Good luck and have fun!

->> https://warclicks.com/

Santa's revenge

Santa’s revenge

Story of the Event
Santa is trying to De-Christmasize as many territories as possible, so he won’t have to do as much work anymore. He wants YOU to be in charge of managing his resources and seeing his evil plan become a reality! 😊

We are giving away 8-25% Production boosters to participants, additional Gold rewards/research points & Time Warps for completing missions within the Event + Extra TITLES to TOP 10 PLAYERS of the EVENT!! Get your title, compete for rewards and have fun! 😊

We are also running our first 3-days straight Sale, where you can get 50% EXTRA GOLD on all our Regular packages, + 25% EXTRA on our biggest package – Crazy Gold Drop! Stuck up with the Gold, now it is one of the best chances to do so! 😉

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!
– War Clicks Team

War Clicks with 1 MILLION PLAYS on Armor Games!

A BIG DAY for War Clicks – a first HUGE MILESTONE reached on one of the biggest worldwide gaming platforms – Armor Games!

Let’s check some facts:
1. War Clicks was our first online game published on Armor Games
2. We didn’t launch the game as smoothly as we would want
3. War Clicks ends the first month as the most played new game on Armor Games
4. Months of consistent game improvements/ smashed bugs / updates
5. 8 months after a release we’ve reached the first million of plays
6. The Game is currently presented in the category of Popular Games on their Homepage
7.  Game-rating is increasing consistently
8. Goals for 2019

1. 1.
We weren’t experienced with releasing games on such platforms, so everything was completely new to us and just prepared the game integration for Armor Games. Every platform has some specifics, that every developer needs to follow. It took us quite a bit of time, but finally we got things ready and a soft launch date set. We were excited and thrilled with high expectations for the release!

We did prepare the servers well, but we couldn’t test the created accounts offline, so our first real test was on Thursday, 14th February (on the day of a Soft launch), where we experienced several issues, such as double-created accounts, which pushed our rating in the first days way lower than the game should deserve – a 62%! (in our humble opinion 😛 )

3.1. Even though some players experienced described issues, we still managed to get to the end of the month as the MOST PLAYED NEW GAME of February 2018.
That gave us new motivation, new ideas on game extensions, improvements and more…
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New Spin the Wheel is coming to War Clicks

Hey everyone!

Its been a while, since we promised a complete rework of the current version of the Wheel! So, we started working on a new version, a more unique one, with more intriguing rewards! Our analyses and player feedbacks showed that players didn’t like to get Re-spins as a reward and also some Gold rewards were completely outdated. We decided to create an experience where the player would have lots of fun when spinning/waiting on the reward/receiving it.
So, we kept the best rewards from the previous version, throw outdated ones in the trash and add new/interesting ones. The number of rewards on the wheel was also reduced, the previous version has 16 different rewards, while the current one has only 12, as we are trying to give out as intriguing rewards as possible.

Spin the Wheel_new

Spin the Wheel_new

Completely new rewards will now be:
– PvP point
– Unlock Time Challenge for 1 day
– 30s Double Damage per Click
– 2 additional chances to Spin the Wheel
We used Gold, Time Challenge chances & Refuel from the previous version, as we see those were the ones that were the best and always well-accepted!

New Spin the Wheel should be released right after the weekend with some of the other small game updates.
Stay tuned to see the other game updates, as we are working on a lot of them lately. The game is improving a lot, in terms of progression, handling, balancing, new features, …

Premium Feature Release – Part 1

As War Clicks is getting bigger, so do all of its products & features. For a long time we’ve been listening to players wishes of having some cosmetic items in the game and we never had enough time to deliver on those wishes. Finally though, after getting through majority of the pressing bugs and issues we’re delivering you the first set of cosmetic items you can buy to personalize your experience :) We were hoping to get it out for Easter already, but it took a bit more additional work – but here it is!

We’ve added some Wallpapers of WarZone and Bootcamp and different types of Cursors as well, so that you can gain new visual experience and even gain a bit of a DPC boost with Cursors (check inside the Shop – New category; image below):

Premium _Part 1

Premium _Part 1

There aren’t a lot of wallpapers and cursors available to choose from yet, but we’ll be adding more soon! Changing Wallpapers was always one of our ideas of giving players an option to personalize their experience that fits the gameplay. As lots of players like to see some in-game progress, collecting Gold for visual purposes might help you experience something completely new, giving you extra fun while playing for longer periods of time.

As this is already a huge step of War Clicks of having some cosmetic items, it is just a beginning of new cosmetic features in 2018!…
We are thrilled to let you know that we’re already working on adding new customized profiles, so that players could change their favorite characters…Enough for now, we’ll release more details about it in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned :)

Have an awesome day 😛

War Clicks Dev Team

Year’s at an end – make the final days count!

As the year is coming to a close, we wanted to give you a quick recap of what’s going on with WarClicks and how we’ll be starting off in January!

WarClicks Cover

WarClicks Cover

In the 1st week of January we will be adding many new upgrades and balance changes to both WarZone and BootCamp, to ensure late game progression remains dynamic and fun! Get ready to purchase those upgrades before your opponents do!

As our the biggest update to game this December was a bit bumpy (many bugs and issues we were still resolving) we realize it might have made the game much less fun to play – but we’re happy to say that we’ve continuously worked to get rid of the issues as fast as possible and have cleaned the game up, and it now provides a much better experience to play! We’re working on making it even better with several updates coming shortly that will improve various parts of the game that haven’t had much attention lately.

Lastly, we will be having a massive sale during New Year’s, so if you want to stock up one some cheap gold keep an eye on the shop during the final days of the year!
We hope you’re having lovely holidays and wish you the best in the year to come 😉

WarClicks team

Promo materials – PART2: Press-Kit

As we are working on getting more publicity in the following months, we’ve created a whole new Press-Kit site, so that journalists can get the whole package that helps them out when writing about our game.
Link to the press page can be found in the footer of the page (check out the whole package here): LINK

Official WarClicks PRESS page

Official WarClicks PRESS page

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Long–awaited Official Trailer of WarClicks is here! We are excited to show it to you all as our friend Domingo did an awesome job with it!
Feel free to check it out here: LINK

WarClicks Trailer

WarClicks Trailer

As we currently just started with our Official channel on YouTube we will be more than happy if you guys can support us by subscribing to our channel. We will be adding more content to it in the future (sneak peaks, new trailers etc.)
And if you like the video, don’t forget to share it between your friends!

What a wonderful day!
Have fun! 😉

Free Gifts

Some of you maybe noticed that we’ve added ‘’Free Gifts’’ on WarClicks. We decided to give away some of our products FOR FREE in exchange for active playing. We will reward all active users that are playing the game regularly, so this might be a great deal for you to beat others!

With these gifts we want to show new players what all they can do on WarClicks, and Continue reading

BootCamp Goals Released

As you can see, we’ve uploaded a new feature to BootCamp yesterday.  With it, you are now able to check your current Total Power Points (PP) gained so far and your next goal and title that comes with it. We’ve decided to award you with different rewards when reaching a new title in BootCamp. You’ll be able to get Gold or x amount of PP every time you get a new title! Sounds good?

As the game is changing by its functions and upcoming updates, we will now have two different worlds with TOP leaders in one or another world – by picking different Continue reading

Development update

Just a short sum of what we are currently working on… Our programming team is working on optimizing new goals that will be represented in the following days, which will give you a clearer overview of boot camp numbers and also be able to collect rewards by reaching goals on your road to becoming the most powerful soldier in WarClicks!

On the other side, we are going fully in promoting the game, creating a Press-Kit page so that we have a tool for all journalist around that are willing to spread the word Continue reading