A BIG DAY for War Clicks – a first HUGE MILESTONE reached on one of the biggest worldwide gaming platforms – Armor Games!

Let’s check some facts:
1. War Clicks was our first online game published on Armor Games
2. We didn’t launch the game as smoothly as we would want
3. War Clicks ends the first month as the most played new game on Armor Games
4. Months of consistent game improvements/ smashed bugs / updates
5. 8 months after a release we’ve reached the first million of plays
6. The Game is currently presented in the category of Popular Games on their Homepage
7.  Game-rating is increasing consistently
8. Goals for 2019

1. 1.
We weren’t experienced with releasing games on such platforms, so everything was completely new to us and just prepared the game integration for Armor Games. Every platform has some specifics, that every developer needs to follow. It took us quite a bit of time, but finally we got things ready and a soft launch date set. We were excited and thrilled with high expectations for the release!

We did prepare the servers well, but we couldn’t test the created accounts offline, so our first real test was on Thursday, 14th February (on the day of a Soft launch), where we experienced several issues, such as double-created accounts, which pushed our rating in the first days way lower than the game should deserve – a 62%! (in our humble opinion 😛 )

3.1. Even though some players experienced described issues, we still managed to get to the end of the month as the MOST PLAYED NEW GAME of February 2018.
That gave us new motivation, new ideas on game extensions, improvements and more…

We have fully focused on players, playing experience, smashing annoying bugs, adding new features, improving the current ones,…

Consistency adds up after 8 months of hard-working days with a Milestone goal of 1 Million Plays reached!

Currently, War Clicks can be found as a Popular Game on ArmorGames Homepage. Wow, between  thousands of games around, we’ve managed to get in the Popular section! We are super proud of that achievement!

Game rating is mostly affected by the bad game start, when we have a rating of an average of 63/100. With a lot of game improvements and optimizations, we are now at rating 76, but with the average new rating being at around 84 (all new votes in the last 30 days), so the curve is still pointed upwards. Every new vote will help us increase the ratings, as we believe the game in current state really deserves that.

Goals for War Clicks on Armor Games are set high! We’ve proved that the game has lots of potential, and players love to play it, so we are predicting that the game will hit 3M plays by the end of next year! Surely, new things are coming in 2019, and we still have a few months in 2018 to prepare something great for all our loyal players!