Wondering on what’s all coming to War Clicks in the next week?
– The following week should be a great week for our players and for us as a developer of this crazy unique idle clicker game. 😛
Hopefully, the next week we’ll have all ready to go out with the Promo codes -> additional Tools for rewarding purposes should go live at the end of the next week. On top of this update, we’ll try to improve the current collecting/rewarding experience on Daily Tasks. Lots of players have reported the issues, when they were forced to use the reward (ex.: Time Warp) on Daily Tasks immediately once assigned, instead of this we are now working towards the goal to create Time Warps as a storable/ consumable product.

We’ll start working on a huge project of game balancing, as we know that this is something that still needs to be fixed/updated on certain game-points. This project might take us around 2-3 weeks before going live.

Official Press page of the game will be updated in full. We are currently on a half of the road, but counting on finishing the full update in the next week. And there is also the Official Homepage of the game that is currently being re-designed.

Here is a sneak-peak into behind the scenes:


New Design of Official Game Homepage

New Design of Official Game Homepage

Stay tuned for more updates (the next week we are sharing first specifications on CvC feature -it’s going to be awesome, can’t wait)!

Have fun! 😊
War Clicks Team