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Development update: January 8th

– Fixed some issues with calculating final front positions based on user choices
– Fixed an issue where Attack/def progressive bonus wouldn’t reset to 0, if it was under 20 and country won all those fronts
– added reinforcement inbound “timer” to replays to make it more clear how much time attacker has to destroy the HQ
– some various CvC bugfixes/improvements, such as replays returning you back to yesterday’s results
– Balanced CvC fights for HQ to have more significant health, as before a tank getting through would almost 100% destroy the HQ, and defender had no chance to defend. This makes the replays more sensible and allows for more variety than just 0 or 100% bonus rewards
– Various CvC replay bugs fixed, where i.e. tank would roll over turrets, or replay wouldn’t start
– Added prevention of keyboard shortcuts used/fired while on various popups (profile, donate, login popup, activity rewards)
– Fixed an issue where Daily activity rewards wouldn’t properly refresh while in WZ during a daily reset, and you needed to first go to BC and back.
– Fixed an issue where there was a chance that your daily supplies wouldn’t reset if you were online in War Zone during it

Development Update – 12th October

Wondering on what’s all coming to War Clicks in the next week?
– The following week should be a great week for our players and for us as a developer of this crazy unique idle clicker game. πŸ˜›
Hopefully, the next week we’ll have all ready to go out with the Promo codes -> additional Tools for rewarding purposes should go live at the end of the next week. On top of this update, we’ll try to improve the current collecting/rewarding experience on Daily Tasks. Lots of players have reported the issues, when they were forced to use the reward (ex.: Time Warp) on Daily Tasks immediately once assigned, instead of this we are now working towards the goal to create Time Warps as a storable/ consumable product.

We’ll start working on a huge project of game balancing, as we know that this is something that still needs to be fixed/updated on certain game-points. This project might take us around 2-3 weeks before going live.

Official Press page of the game will be updated in full. We are currently on a half of the road, but counting on finishing the full update in the next week. And there is also the Official Homepage of the game that is currently being re-designed.

Here is a sneak-peak into behind the scenes:


New Design of Official Game Homepage

New Design of Official Game Homepage

Stay tuned for more updates (the next week we are sharing first specifications on CvC feature -it’s going to be awesome, can’t wait)!

Have fun! 😊
War Clicks Team

Development Update – Oct4

A few game improvements have been added to War Clicks in recent days.

– New Switch Zone buttons added
– Total Gain Per Second (GPS) function added in Boot Camp (settable from the settings menu)

Total Gain Per Second (GPS)

New Switch Zone buttons

We have also smashed some annoying bugs that popped up on different places:
– hotkeys now do not interfere with chat anymore
– announcement popups can now be closed with hotkeys (Esc)
– daily mission rank options bug fixed
– hotkeys legend texts changed
– numpad operational for hotkeys
– deploy troops animation fixed

In the following days we are focusing on chat improvements, and some other important smaller updates from the list.
We already started to work on one of the biggest updates so far, a completely new feature called Countries vs. Countries (CvC). We can’t wait to share more about it, probably in a few days, or lastly when we determined first final specifications of the project.

Development update – Sep21

We have just deployed a few improvements that should improve your playing experience:

  • AC flash animation on out of fuel fixed
  • Daily mission score proper working now in all cases
  • Fuel rounding issue sorted in open case on JS
  • Sound no longer starts on focus during loading
  • How to get more Gold clarifications added (new popup)

We can’t wait to release new cool stuff that is planned for the next week!

Have fun! πŸ˜‰

Team War Clicks

Dev Update – 20th August

We’ve uploaded a major fix to some rare WZ saving issues today:
– There were a few cases where on back end DPC and support power weren’t properly calculated, resulting in “smaller DPC/SP” when verifying progress.
– When buying Support Power upgrades, it sometimes didn’t properly account for one of the multiplier bonuses
– a few other rare cases (PvP and sacrifice) where on back end it actually calculated too much DPC/Support power
All of the above in rare cases caused a, rollback issue when War Zone tried to update (visible in the error when reaching PvP, or going to BC and back and seeing some progress reverted).
We’ve identified another small issue with Battle Stars addition on back end, that will be corrected tomorrow. Although small in some rare cases it could cause a similar issue as the above. But we want to get this sorted 100% accurately!
If you still experience any similar issues please let us know so we may investigate further.