A few game improvements have been added to War Clicks in recent days.

– New Switch Zone buttons added
– Total Gain Per Second (GPS) function added in Boot Camp (settable from the settings menu)

Total Gain Per Second (GPS)

New Switch Zone buttons

We have also smashed some annoying bugs that popped up on different places:
– hotkeys now do not interfere with chat anymore
– announcement popups can now be closed with hotkeys (Esc)
– daily mission rank options bug fixed
– hotkeys legend texts changed
– numpad operational for hotkeys
– deploy troops animation fixed

In the following days we are focusing on chat improvements, and some other important smaller updates from the list.
We already started to work on one of the biggest updates so far, a completely new feature called Countries vs. Countries (CvC). We can’t wait to share more about it, probably in a few days, or lastly when we determined first final specifications of the project.