We’ve uploaded a major fix to some rare WZ saving issues today:
– There were a few cases where on back end DPC and support power weren’t properly calculated, resulting in “smaller DPC/SP” when verifying progress.
– When buying Support Power upgrades, it sometimes didn’t properly account for one of the multiplier bonuses
– a few other rare cases (PvP and sacrifice) where on back end it actually calculated too much DPC/Support power
All of the above in rare cases caused a, rollback issue when War Zone tried to update (visible in the error when reaching PvP, or going to BC and back and seeing some progress reverted).
We’ve identified another small issue with Battle Stars addition on back end, that will be corrected tomorrow. Although small in some rare cases it could cause a similar issue as the above. But we want to get this sorted 100% accurately!
If you still experience any similar issues please let us know so we may investigate further.