As we announced the Promo codes will go out somewhere this week, we can confirm that we’ve finished the project and proudly present them today!
Promo codes are a great way to get yourself more boosts! To ensure that, you’ll need to insert the code within Activity Rewards popup (in War Zone; icon next to Spin the Wheel; opens when you’ve reached at least battle 13).

Insert promo codes here..

The addition of promo codes will allow us to use them in various ways – the first and the most important for a regular user are Daily Codes, which will be distributed through our social media channels on Facebook & Twitter every day. Feel free to Like & Follow us there as we would appreciate every new follower/share/retweet/share as a small sign of appreciation & support.

an example of a promo code

We want to give players what they most like, so the rewards should be worthwhile, focused towards boosting your progress in Boot Camp & War Zone.

This is not all, we’ll every now and then hide a valid Promo code somewhere inside the game (those types of actions will be announced through in-game announcements). We’ll also be sharing promo codes via email (for players registered and playing from the official website: ), so keep an eye on your registered emails as soon something might appear there.

Enough words already, give me the code now! 😀

valid Daily code which can be received on Facebook and Twitter

valid Today’s Daily code which can be received on Facebook and Twitter

Have fun 😉

War Clicks Team