Jump in and get a feel for the new base of command. Fighting for your country hasn’t been as enjoyable as it is now with Country headquarters (HQ) – your main screen to Fight Country Invasion, defend/attack other countries (coming soon) and Vote for country decisions and strategies …

Country Headquarters

Country Headquarters

Complete all requirements to get a right to Vote on Country decisions, for example: when should a country use Air Strike to complete Enemy Base – Break the Line immediately or which upgrade should a country use for their citizens, and more decisions coming in the future…

Gain rewards for fighting, become an important soldier of your country, increase your Voting power to become one of the Council members (elite country members defined by most Voting Power; they have the biggest impact when Voting on country decisions). But, its not only their word that counts, it is everyone’s decision that will put a country on a road they imagine as the best for all.

Are you more of an Investor or even better a Donator?
Country Treasury matters! So, keep an eye on it and help donate to it if needed to help country make best decisions on Voting. It doesn’t come only with great benefits for your country, but also gets you recognition and gratitude of your fellow countrymen – those war ladies/gents will not forget it! On top of that you’ll also get an increase in Voting Power  and Clicking Force for yourself and with that gain more power when fighting battles and voting on country decisions..

Do you believe fighting is boring? Haha, it can’t be if you have bigger goals imagined! Did you ever wonder how would it be to become a country leader on a specific field?? Find your place as being at the top of the Country Council, top of Donator list,  top player by Score or by Power Points, become one of the most recognizable players in your country or even better on the whole world. Expose yourself, find your secret strengths, set your goals and fight till you reach them!

War Clicks offers a variety of options to strive for! Explore around, open all hidden features, communicate with other players and with your countryman, complete all achievements, aim for the highest country ranks and titles, …
What are you waiting for?? Try new features of War Clicks now! (you won’t regret anything, but the months spent in the game :)  )

See you inside 😉