Do you remember what was your first experience with the Fuel function in War Zone?
Was it good or was it bad? Did you understand where you could gain more fuel or did you think that the game is buggy and doesn’t let you fight any longer?

We had lots of doubts about the previous implementation of Fuel as the requirement to fight battles, especially on how we redirect players from fighting battles to the mini-game Time Challenge, which is one of the main refueling options. Time Challenge was shown late in tutorials, and for players that didn’t read those, it didn’t mean anything. It just ruined their fighting experience if not used. That resulted in lots of game drops, players didn’t find any fast option to fight. We know the gamers are impatient and we are as well when playing games from the start…if the game doesn’t fit our expectations, nor amuse us in the first 5 minutes, then it is not worth playing for hours (in most cases) – it depends on players’ preferences, not every gamer thinks that way…. So we urgently needed to change/improve something about this bottleneck!

When starting work on this task, our main goal was to not fill the game with any error messages, red signs with texts that you are out of fuel, nor with some other forced messages that will ruin a well-flowing fighting experience. We wanted to create an experience that won’t result in game drops anymore, so we came up with a small & cute icon – as ‘graphic display’ of a message that you are out of Fuel… see the image below:

Out of Fuel

Out of Fuel

The warning that you are out of Fuel will pop-up only in the case that your next click/attack consumes more Fuel than you have left at the specific moment (or to imagine a simpler example – your Fuel is 0,00%).
There is also an animation warning you on your last 5% of Fuel. With all that, we believe that it should be now nicely shown that you’re out of Fuel, and that this is the main reason why you’re not able to fight in War Zone anymore!

So, graphic display + animation of last 5% of Fuel + starting Tutorial on Refuel button should resolve a lot of confusion! We are preparing the game for a wider audience, we are now fixing the ‘player drop spots’ and willing to show the game to more players. We believe more players will stay longer in the game, after a few more improvements!

As you know, we are more than happy to hear from the community, so please let us know about your first experience with the game back then… What convinced you to play further, or what kept you back from playing?
What was the most thrilling part of the game? What was the most boring part?
…any other ideas on other small improvements of user experience are warmly welcomed, as we might find enough time to work on some small improvements soon and maybe some players could see their ideas of improvements implemented on War Clicks! 😉

….not to forget… we are soon adding back a Time Challenge unlock a single change option (as this feature was not there for a few months now, full item (unlock for the whole day/more was available only inside the shop)