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Bunch of new Products & other improvements added recently!

Wondering what our latest short-term plans were?
What we’ve been working on in the previous days?

Here’s a short update:
– Stronger Time Warps added (48h + 96 h)
Players on mid/late-game stages will now be able to find additional value in stronger Time Warps – a product that kicks you in the future for some hours. As a reward, the user gets all gained Power Points generated through that time immediately)
(6 h Time Warp is no longer available to purchase)
– Speed up product (deleted) –product somehow stayed in the Shop for longer than it should, as it didn’t have the big impact on the game, we decided to give it out; players could instead of this product use Unlock TC
– Army Setup improvements
small improvements that will more likely show the user all gains that can be achievable via certain upgrades more clearly
– The Biggest and the craziest Shop Product added! – CRAZY GOLD DROP – 100,000 Gold!
– Investor /Trainers popup improvements – A sum of Total Investor Bonus was added and also a counter of Total Trainers hired
– New Promo Pack created & added – Ultimate KIT (consists of 100k gold + 3xDPC for 7days  + 10x SPIN THE WHEEL chances) – the product was created in demand of players that love to get additional bonuses on Purchases.  Ultimate KIT pops up after user bought all current Promo Packs (Starter Kit, Explosive Kit, Warrior Kit)

New Product: Ultimate KIT

That’s just a short update on what’s been done lately and added today, in upcoming posts we will be more specific and share more details about the new products.
The next week we have lots of news to share about the game, so we can’t wait to see everything done!

Enjoy using the new products! 😉

Country HQ balance & functionality improvements

Country Headquarters (HQ) feature has been out for about 2 weeks now, and we’ve received tons of positive feedback about it! During this time we have also looked at ways to improve and re-balance it. So we are glad to let you know that the following changes have been put live to make it an even better experience:

– Country upgrades voting council decision power has been increased from 50 to 75%

– Air Strike voting council decision power has been increased from 75 to 85%

– Air Strike minimum overall voting participation has been reduced from 50% to 40%

– Voting Power gained from donations (per 100 gold) has been increased from 0.01 to 0.1.

– Voting Power per rank has been increased from 0.5 to 1

– Clicking force multiplier gained from donations (per 100 gold) has been increased/doubled from 0.001 to 0.002!

– The „spoils increase“ country upgrade has been buffed significantly. From 1%/2%, to 5%/10% increase.

-„Extra chances“ reward eligibility on spoils convert have been buffed from a 1% increase to a 5%. We’ve also made it clearer on how this value can be increased.

Country Headquarters - Vote for best decisions!

Country Headquarters – Vote for best decisions!

All of the above changes have been done to ensure voting on choices is effective and with best interests of the country in mind, as well as give a more significant reward to players who donate – not only in making decisions, but also getting a bit more directly out of it via increased Clicking Force. We will be having a look every week and adjust things additionally to deliver you the best experience possible! Note that any potential upgrade or donation changes will have these effects applied, even if they were done before :)

War Clicks team

Development Updates – 2nd July

Yesterday’s deployed update covers:

  • Fixed many Autoclicker issues where opening/closing various popups would mess it up.
  • Autoclicker issues with switching screens should be resolved.
  • Autoclicker should now work/catch up properly if window is out of focus. This catch up was also optimized so it shouldn’t suddenly “freeze” your browser anymore.
  • AutoClicker exploit via out-focusing your tab on Boss fights is now prevented
  • Various minor bug fixes and display issues have been sorted in Country HQ and some other parts of the game.

War Clicks team

June 29th GameDev Update – CHAT added + Bug fixes & improvements

Yesterday we launched our completely reworked in-game chat system where you can chat privately with your  country mates and discuss strategies, or go all-out in our general chat! Super convenient to use via TAB button from anywhere in the game – check it out and have some friendly banter with competing countries/players :)

New CHAT -hiding inside ;)


We also fixed quite a few bugs to improve your experience:

  • issue with War Zone missions not being properly counted. After accepting a mission, the progress up to the first game update wasn’t saved. This affected any mission type
  • We also fixed an issue with the clicks mission where there were 10x too little clicks required to complete the missions.
  • Added a sound when mission completes, and open up the mission widget automatically if it isn’t visible/opened by the player to indicate mission completion clearly.
  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t counting Boss clicks properly towards the mission progress.
  • Fixed video reward views to count towards mission progress properly. Also changed fuel video views to properly reward fuel instead of gold in case of ad errors.
  • We fixed the issue of „black screen“ on BC that happened in some cases if you had a popup opened, went to another screen and got back.
  • Prevented double click on zone switches, which caused some clicks to fire twice (i.e. On BC upgrades/trainers.
  • The above two fixes should help prevent the „&4234 health“ or blank bars issues in BC and WZ in some cases, as well as the annoying „double music overlap“. We are still looking if other cases could cause these. Please let us know if you spot any issues with these still :)
  • Force update on War Zone before opening HQ to ensure progress is saved properly
  • We also did a few bug fixes on the chat that should improve reliability. We are still working on some stability and usability improvements


Enjoy! 😉

War Clicks team

Development Updates – 27th June

We’re halfway into our “bug hunting week” and we are glad to report that today we have squashed several of the most annoying bugs some of you have been experiencing – several bugs related to War Zone saving/progress issue!

– Fixed several issues where using 30s DPC, buying upgrades (or any other action) during a Boss Battle resulted in some progress not being saved sometimes.
– Fixed issues with gold and fuel drops from units would not be saved correctly
– Fixed issues with using 30s double DPC upgrade, as well as issues with unchanged fuel consumption when buying Double/Triple DPC that resulted in lost progress
– Display issues when buying several 30s DPC-upgrade will now show the proper amount of remaining uses
– DPC in player profiles will now display correctly

We are continuing with other bugfixes and improvements, so expect your experience to be further improved in the following days :)

We also realize that the in-game chat is highly anticipated, and we are happy to say that after various issues of deploying it live, we have managed to fix them today so the chat will finally be added for everyone to use tomorrow!!

War Clicks team

Development Updates – 26th June

We just deployed a smaller update that fixes & changes some things in Country HQ:
– Invasion unlock and buy chances now have a confirmation popup so you can’t use them by mistake
– Country stats are not working in some cases fixed
– We made Treasury gold gained from completing Break the Line battles scale with the amount of active users a country has, to make it fair.  The treasury gold reward will scale at the same time as upgrade costs.
Furthermore, with this change the Air Strike cost was increased by 50%
– Unfortunately, we have not yet managed to get our new chat working on the live servers -> we are working frantically to get it sorted as we know it’s missed and it’s going to be an awesome addition!

Working on game improvements

Working on game improvements

After a lot of feedback and thinking we have also decided to change the way country score competition works. Now it will NOT compare score difference from end of last week, but only count gained score in a country by all users during a competition week.
This will remove a lot of confusion about the competition and make the results less dependent on any players not being active.

This week we are also focusing on many bugfixes and improvements that have been annoying you guys the most! We hope to have a large list of fixes for you to read by the end of the week J Next week we will be relooking at any number/balance changes for Country HQ so we appreciate any additional feedback :)

Have a lovely day!
War Clicks Team

Out of Fuel??

Do you remember what was your first experience with the Fuel function in War Zone?
Was it good or was it bad? Did you understand where you could gain more fuel or did you think that the game is buggy and doesn’t let you fight any longer?

We had lots of doubts about the previous implementation of Fuel as the requirement to fight battles, especially on how we redirect players from fighting battles to the mini-game Time Challenge, which is one of the main refueling options. Time Challenge was shown late in tutorials, and for players that didn’t read those, it didn’t mean anything. It just ruined their fighting experience if not used. That resulted in lots of game drops, players didn’t find any fast option to fight. We know the gamers are impatient and we are as well when playing games from the start…if the game doesn’t fit our expectations, nor amuse us in the first 5 minutes, then it is not worth playing for hours (in most cases) – it depends on players’ preferences, not every gamer thinks that way…. So we urgently needed to change/improve something about this bottleneck!

When starting work on this task, our main goal was to not fill the game with any error messages, red signs with texts that you are out of fuel, nor with some other forced messages that will ruin a well-flowing fighting experience. We wanted to create an experience that won’t result in game drops anymore, so we came up with a small & cute icon – as ‘graphic display’ of a message that you are out of Fuel… see the image below:

Out of Fuel

Out of Fuel

The warning that you are out of Fuel will pop-up only in the case that your next click/attack consumes more Fuel than you have left at the specific moment (or to imagine a simpler example – your Fuel is 0,00%).
There is also an animation warning you on your last 5% of Fuel. With all that, we believe that it should be now nicely shown that you’re out of Fuel, and that this is the main reason why you’re not able to fight in War Zone anymore!

So, graphic display + animation of last 5% of Fuel + starting Tutorial on Refuel button should resolve a lot of confusion! We are preparing the game for a wider audience, we are now fixing the ‘player drop spots’ and willing to show the game to more players. We believe more players will stay longer in the game, after a few more improvements!

As you know, we are more than happy to hear from the community, so please let us know about your first experience with the game back then… What convinced you to play further, or what kept you back from playing?
What was the most thrilling part of the game? What was the most boring part?
…any other ideas on other small improvements of user experience are warmly welcomed, as we might find enough time to work on some small improvements soon and maybe some players could see their ideas of improvements implemented on War Clicks! 😉

….not to forget… we are soon adding back a Time Challenge unlock a single change option (as this feature was not there for a few months now, full item (unlock for the whole day/more was available only inside the shop)

Country Headquarters RELEASED!

Jump in and get a feel for the new base of command. Fighting for your country hasn’t been as enjoyable as it is now with Country headquarters (HQ) – your main screen to Fight Country Invasion, defend/attack other countries (coming soon) and Vote for country decisions and strategies …

Country Headquarters

Country Headquarters

Complete all requirements to get a right to Vote on Country decisions, for example: when should a country use Air Strike to complete Enemy Base – Break the Line immediately or which upgrade should a country use for their citizens, and more decisions coming in the future…

Gain rewards for fighting, become an important soldier of your country, increase your Voting power to become one of the Council members (elite country members defined by most Voting Power; they have the biggest impact when Voting on country decisions). But, its not only their word that counts, it is everyone’s decision that will put a country on a road they imagine as the best for all.

Are you more of an Investor or even better a Donator?
Country Treasury matters! So, keep an eye on it and help donate to it if needed to help country make best decisions on Voting. It doesn’t come only with great benefits for your country, but also gets you recognition and gratitude of your fellow countrymen – those war ladies/gents will not forget it! On top of that you’ll also get an increase in Voting Power  and Clicking Force for yourself and with that gain more power when fighting battles and voting on country decisions..

Do you believe fighting is boring? Haha, it can’t be if you have bigger goals imagined! Did you ever wonder how would it be to become a country leader on a specific field?? Find your place as being at the top of the Country Council, top of Donator list,  top player by Score or by Power Points, become one of the most recognizable players in your country or even better on the whole world. Expose yourself, find your secret strengths, set your goals and fight till you reach them!

War Clicks offers a variety of options to strive for! Explore around, open all hidden features, communicate with other players and with your countryman, complete all achievements, aim for the highest country ranks and titles, …
What are you waiting for?? Try new features of War Clicks now! (you won’t regret anything, but the months spent in the game :)  )

See you inside 😉

The upcoming release of new features

It’s Monday and we are fully busy with all remaining tasks! 😛 The whole team is squeezing heads together, working late hours to fix any remaining bugs left, improving latest details of the upcoming release of new features and setting every small piece into one – ‘giant one’.  :)

The old Country Invasion was a big pain in the ass for a remake… We’ve reworked all the Math behind it, new currencies, new leaderboards, new functions,… And in the meantime, also working on a completely new feature which will now be completely independent. Chat as we-ve all known so far, won’t be just a part of CI anymore, but will be available through the entire game!!

Yeah, we are adding more social elements to War Clicks as our players deserve to have fun playing the game, and if some of you guys find the additional value of the game in a great community– we will be more than happy to see that!

A single image can tell more than 1000 words, so take a look at the first sneak peak of the upcoming Chat, which we are releasing in a day or two:

New chat version

Why is the CI rework taking so much time?
As it doesn’t affect just the newly specified feature – Country Headquarters, but also adding some changes & improvements to some other features as well! On top of us just trying to prepare & test it really well :)

The Chat was built from scratch – you’ll now be able to show off your customized profile, level reached in War Zone, help other – newbies to understand the game better, have some nice chats with other members in the country chat, exchange experiences,…

As shown in the picture above every country will have its own Chat room. In General chat only English will be allowed as everyone will be able to chat there. Users will be able to take part and communicate not just with players from their country, but with others as well. This is the main difference we are now adding! If we compare the old version of the chat, where only Country chats were available, we should see a lot of difference in the new version.
Players from countries that don’t have lots of players will be able to join general chats, and by that engage with other players (that wasn’t possible in the old version).

Also… new battle screen is coming: read more…

Can’t wait that we put everything together as we want – after that it will be your turn to test & play new features! 😉

New Radar – Battle screen

As a part of the Country Invasion rework (now renamed to Country Headquarters as it will feature more functions), we were kind of forced to create a new, more relevant Radar – Battle screen! We decided to start working on the new Battle screen, because of all of its features that haven’t been connected with each other as they needed to be!

Some might say that it is similar to the previous version, but this might be true only in case of a design, but not as much in case of user experience. New players (from the previous version) weren’t aware of the connection of Fuel and Time Challenge, when getting to War Zone for the first time – yet it is one of the core game loops!
Those functions are connected as if you’re out of Fuel, you need to finish a Time challenge to gain more. That’s why we decided to visually connect Fuel and Time Challenge (you’ll now click on the Refuel button to open Time Challenge).

New Radar – Battle Screen

Daily rewards and Spin the Wheel icons are now dressed in new outfits, looking more smooth as they are meant to pop-up mostly once per day.

As lots of new things are coming to Country Headquarters, we decided to give this feature a bigger  importance. Headquarters will soon be more important than Continue reading