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Sneak peaks of upcoming updates! (WIP – Part2)

We want to give you a quick update on this. As all of these updates are quite significant in their own, we want to make sure we do them all properly, and also to not suddenly shower you with them.

Also, if we worked on finishing all of them properly before releasing anything, we think that 3-4 weeks without any updates is quite a lot, and that we will probably be better off splitting these updates into a few batches.

This will help us keep better development focus, ensure you are not showered with tons of huge updates suddenly, help us develop/think certain things through better and generally ensure better update quality and keep things more interesting for you all!

In short, we will be releasing these updates in this order, we are aiming to release the first & most cruicial one, sometime next week:

*Information is condensed here, to outline the major changes only. Any boosts or specifics mentioned are still subject to change/balancing.

1) Lategame rework and extending Boot Camp gameplay

This includes being able to start a new Boot Camp at a certain point, which will get you started on a new fresh Boot Camp, as you expand your military production.

This will ensure you can always get more units deployed to War Zone, as you will never be stopped by “slow late game progression” and exponential issues the game brings.

New BCs will give you permanent score MX, permanent MX to deploying support units, and also you will be able to choose 2 different perks/bonuses for each Boot Camp playthrough:

First one is a specialization choice, which will give you air/land/sea BC units a Continue reading

Sneak peaks of upcoming updates! (WIP – Part1)

As we are focused working on the big updates (lategame extension, research system, re-balancing), and are meanwhile not able to trickle many other updates, we figured to give you a sneak peak of these updates!

  • *Note that these are all work in progress, and UI, design and exact details are subject to major tuning still, and most things you see are placholders – we won’t use lego figures for the final release :)
  • We are also welcoming any feedback & further requests/ideas, as with a lot of core code prepared, we are now getting to the details of these updates, that are still very much agile and in continued discussion. Read below for detaisl on what exactly we’d love to hear more from you about.


Here is the core of our “research system” – basic funtionality of inventory and technology generation, which believe it or not was one of the most time consuming parts of this feature.

Research System – sneak peak link

“Boot Camp restarts”

This might not look like much, but most work for adding a feature where you can start a new Boot Camp is actually on the backend, and is mostly done! We’ve also already added limits on deploying, increased support unit gains from new worlds…

BC restarts – Sneak peak link

SUPPORT UNITS getting bigger
We’ve also finished recoding code that will allow us to support huge amounts of support units, which is the pillar for any balancing of deploys, new boot camp world, research system and balancign War zone progression.

Support units

Support units

WARZONE battles reworked
We have also reworked the way we create, read and store War Zone battles, which allows us to indefinitely scale battles, their units and optimzied the whoel procedure, which is not important for this update, but also any future ones. We also took the chance to do some quick additions in units you see on the battlefield and some graphical improvements.

WZ battles reworked – sneak peak link

There are many more details that these updates will cover, but we are happy to let you know that are progressing well, and have finished many of the most challenging Continue reading

Easter Event is released – New mission is waiting on your commands!

When you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, now you’ll have to help out a bunny?

Easter is almost here and you have a special holiday-related mission to complete! Easter bunny and his pals are already waiting on your commands, as they heard that you are a great war strategist with great fighting skills!? So, they thought that you might be able to help them finish their mission…

Your GOAL is to command these Easter Pals and make sure they bring their best to the table!
Although there will be lots of players included in the Event competition, only the best strategists and commanders will end up on TOP.

Easter Egg Hunt Event ends on Tuesday (April 22nd, 14:00 GMT) – …enough words, let’s start with the egg-citement. Great rewards await!

Easter Egg Hunt Event on War Clicks

Easter Egg Hunt Event on War Clicks

P.S.: Keep an eye on the shop during the Event as some event products might get discounted.

And how do you like your numbers?

We’re happy to let you know that from now on, you can choose how you prefer in-game numbers to be displayed: suffix, engineering or scientific notation! On top of this you can now choose preferred notation for thousand and decimal separator. You’ll find all of these within the general settings!

*These changes require you to refresh the game to properly see.

We’ve done our best to avoid any bugs (display or otherwise), but if you spot any issues with display anywhere, please let us know via reddit or email at info@

A few other notes:
By default all formatting styles will display with suffix up to 9e11 (K, M, B). If you feel these should also show without the suffixes, let us know and we can consider changing it. But it helped us keep some things simpler.
Some pages collect data from server, where numbers are formatted server side – Shop, competition rankings and several things within CvC & CHQ, and will not take your preference into account. In case of CvC/ CHQ, it WILL take your preference into account, but if you changes your setting, might require a re-login to take effect. We will try to improve this in the following days, but requires some additional coding.
Changing formatting will only take effect after the numbers has changed – i.e. On next cycle/damage done, not immediately on settings change.

On top of the formatting change, we also fixed a display bug for Daily Mission, where in some cases it wouldn’t close.
We also fixed a bug with saving settings sometimes, so hopefully you shouldn’t see issues with that anymore.

If you have any other requests regarding formatting, please let us know, and we’ll see what we can do about it :)

NEW Event is LIVE: War Clicks’ heroes unleashed!!

It’s time to put differences aside from all the PvP and CvC fighting and have the top players lead the charge for War Clicks to take over the World! There’s an array of players from different countries, backgrounds, each with their own unique strengths… But now they come together to create the wackiest army to help WC gain even more popularity and rule the world of gaming!

Heroes unite Event  started yesterday  & is going to be a fast-paced event lasting only 2 days (ends this Sunday, March 31st at 15:00 GMT) – so make sure to jump in quickly to win great rewards & boosts! 😉

Heroes Unite Event

Heroes Unite Event

Event changes:
– Added arrows next to factories, indicating when your stock is being depleted
– Custom Sell setting will now copy from your latest event setting from the start

The theme of this special Event was suggested by the winners of the Anniversary Event, so feel free to enjoy all the changes/ twists/ unique strengths…

The player who spreads popularity to the highest country wins the Event!

Have fun & Good luck! 😉

Time to unleash War Clicks’ heroes!

We’d like to announce the date for the next event, where the top 11 players from the recent Anniversary Event will represent the event’s army! The event will start this Friday March 29th at 15:00 GMT, and be a fast-paced two-day event, ending on March 31st  at 15:00 GMT.

This will be a special event, as the theme(s) of it was suggested by the winners of the Anniversary event, so there’s due to be some funny puns you can’t miss out on 😉

We also wanted to give you a heads up for a short sale today (March 26th), where you can buy gold up to 30% cheaper!
*Note for ArmorGames players: Unfortunately we can’t discount our products on ArmorGames due to their implementation, but you can make the purchase via directly (browser cookie should carry you over, plus AG will still get their revenue share). Please contact us for any issues/questions.

Lastly, we’ve just pushed a small update, that resolves some bugs, along with something that makes Time Challenge a bit less annoying :) For more details check the Change log.

War Clicks Team

Time Challenge just got a bit less annoying

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve:
– Reduced the clicks required to complete the Time Challenge. It should now be a bit easier to complete. This was a quick change, but we still want to look at improving it in the future
– Fixed a bug where after buying convert rewards, would not properly lock/unlock other reward buttons. Also now the Spoil Points info on the CHQ screen will update the number properly
– Fixed a bug where it was possible to view a 6th “gold ad“ after watching “unlock tc” ad
– Time Challenge can now be unlocked via ad views up to 10 times per day, which should be sufficient for any extra TC’s won via Spin The Wheel (note: this simply gives more chances to unlock if you actually gain more TC chances)

Reveal of the Anniversary Event heroes!

The Anniversary Event is over, and boy, the last day has been exciting as a ton of you were competing for the top 11 spots!

So without further ado, we’d like to congratulate the Top 11 players in the Event, who won over the most countries. On top of the big rewards, they also get a unique spot of recognition in our next Event, where they will represent the spearhead of event forces, as War Clicks heroes, who will spread War Clicks’ popularity!

Winners of Anniversary Event (playing on & ArmorGames)

Winners of Anniversary Event (playing on & ArmorGames)

Winners of Anniversary Event (playing on Kongregate)

Winners of Anniversary Event (playing on Kongregate)

Remember that today (Wednesday, Mar19) at 15:00 GMT we are hosting a 2-hour Discord Event, where we want to discuss various game updates/development focus with the players. Everyone is invited – you can access it at this link:

*If you can’t make the discord event, you can still leave your thoughts on the topic in

**If you are among the TOP 11 Event players and would prefer to not have your username displayed as one of the units in the next Event, please contact us. We will also contact all winners for some extra details they’d like their unit to display – if you are an ArmorGames user, please contact us at as we don’t have a good way to contact you :)

We hope you enjoyed the event – next one is coming at the end of next week, and will be a short, fast-paced 2 day Event! 😉

War Clicks Team

Discord hours with the Devs

First, we’d just like to throw a reminder, that there won’t be such a generous shop gold sale for quite a while, so if you’re looking to stock up on gold at great rates you still have about 10 hours left :)

As we already announced we are going to be running Discord Events from time to time, where we want to take some time to hear and discuss various topics with you guys, in order to help us better determine our update priorities and develop the game in a direction we all will enjoy!

Join us on Discord tomorrow

Join us on Discord

The first event will be tomorrow – Tuesday, Mar19, 15:00 GMT, focused around the following topics:

  • Country HQ / CvC improvements (rewards, balancing, country change, additions, …)
  • Reporting most annoying bugs, general game improvement, QoL requests
  • Improved competition, Event-related, most annoying things in War Clicks
    … Basically, anything not related to game progression/balance/late game, but with a focus on Country HQ and its features

The Second event will be ran towards the end of this week, likely at a more US-friendly hour (so a bit later), with a focus on:
-Late game balancing, mechanic/main game loop changes, ideas for extending content and making late-game more interesting for months/years to play

Discord is the perfect platform to discuss various things with you in an organized fashion, so if you don’t have an account yet, it is simple to create. We’ll also create specific reddit/kongregate forum topics, if you can’t make the discord events, but would still like to get your say/ideas/thoughts to us!

See you on Discord tomorrow (Tuesday, March 19th at 15:00-17:00 GMT)

Discord invitation link:

Retro cursor, additional discounts and dealing with exploiters!

As Event is coming to an end, we have reduced Event MX prices additionally, to make its value a bit more valuable relative to the time left. The discounted prices of Event MX and 3h Time Warps will persist until the end of the Event

Specially for anniversary, we have added a new cursor to the Shop – Retro cursor, which gives the biggest DPC boost of all (5% when selected). This is the very first graphic of cursors that the game had, and felt it was fitting to release it for the anniversary 😉

New Cursor!

New Cursor!

There was an issue with yesterday’s promo code, which actually caused an exploit, where it could be claimed several times. This has been sorted, and any exploiters have been dealt with properly – PvP points gained reverted, and in a few extreme cases users have been banned, for exploiting this heavily and not reporting this.

So we’d like to take this chance to make you aware that we take exploiting very seriously, as it is not fair to other players. BUT ALSO, we appreciate such reports and reward them for letting us know/help us out.

We always find and deal with exploiters, so instead of wasting your and our time, just report it  and be reward if you ever find something like this 😉