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500K players!

3 days ago we hit a new Milestone with War Clicks official site – Half a million players!

500,000 players

500,000 players

We are growing fast, the year 2018 is a big step forward for War Clicks, massive improvements and additions have been released this year and we are fully working on new ones. We are happy that our players find the game interesting and amusing, as this is something that is pushing us forward.

We are pushing the game into the new heights, polishing the current version, improving the game characteristics, working on new additions. Hopefully we could soon also focus on a mobile-friendly version,…we also plan to add the game on some new valuable platforms, so it will hit a huge amount of new players this year. We are more and more confident with the game, as we believe it will soon become one of the biggest ‘players’ in the genre.

Are we ready for the next Milestone – 1 million players?

Buy MaxOCD added!

Yesterday, we added something a lot of you have been waiting for a long time to the game – „Buy MaxOCD option“ in Boot Camp! Having this option selected (part of the „buy X“ button choices), will buy as many units as possible to the highest milestone you can reach with your current Power Points. This makes it extremely especially convenient after deploying or privatizing, when you are shot through the early game and have to buy productions units like crazy!

Buy MaxOCD

On top of that, it saves you a bunch of clicks and time overall :) As we had to rework some core code to add this, we also did major optimizations to how our cost calculations work – so you should also notice a slight performance improvement – or at least have the game consume less RAM and CPU! We have a bunch of other quality of life improvements planned ahead, that will make the repetitive parts of the game less annoying to go through. This week, we also plan to deploy several balance/progression updates as well as other game improvements/bug fixes.

We’ve also uploaded some improvements to War Zone progress saving – where if there was a slight sync issue between frontend and backend, when reaching a PvP battle it would report an issue and revert all progress gained within the last update batch. This has now been fixed and if in any case some small discrepancy still happens (in 99%+ cases this was actually just 1 or 2 clicks differences), it will still save your progress minus that small discrepancy. So it won’t reset you several battles back, but only a few clicks of progress might be lost. Have fun buying huge with satisfying numbers :)

Team War Clicks

Development Update – Sep. 5

We’ve just deployed a few improvements to the game:

– Daily Rewards section, now known as Activity Rewards was finally updated with way better and updated rewards
– Adblock note was added (in cases when the user uses Ad-blocker and trying to complete tasks from one of our Offerwall providers)
– PvP – skip faster (so you don’t have to wait too much time on the Skip function)
– PvP buttons are now disabled and can’t be used within fighting
– Level progress circle is now more accurate, as we improved the functionality of showing the level progress
There are a bunch of interesting small bugs/improvements coming in the following days, so we can’t wait to release all of them to improve the overall experience of the game…

Team War Clicks

The reworked Convert has been deployed live!

Everyone had their converts reset to 1, so even if you used it today already you’ll be able to use it again now today!

The final implementation of how convert works follows the logic already presented here, but here are some final changes we did spot during testing, to make it better:

  • There will now be only 1 daily chance, as there is not much sense to make 2 daily for various reasons
  • Due to this Minimum Battle Stars reward has been changed from 5% to 7%, and Base max reward from 10% to 15%
  • (only for the curios minds :) ) – We’ve segmented the “boost relative to Power points” in “two 10-stage logarithmic segments”, to make it more sensible. A VERY rough simplified explanation of this is, that reaching the first “90% exponents” of the threshold is super quick, and the last 10% are a bit slower, so reaching each of these segments adds a 5% reward (100% total). This way it is both easy to get “the first 50%” of reward and always making convert valuable, where the other 50% incentivize you to get as close/over your last all-time-high.
  • After a lot of consideration we have also decided to change the “extra bonus multiplier” to simply add 10% extra reward for every 10x times you pass the “100 % convert” mark in amount of PP you convert. There was no good way of making this bonus really good/rewarding, without it ruining the experience of convert later down the road, so we opted for this simple solution, so that in case of converting a bit more you will still get a small bonus. But as it moves the next “100% threshold higher” it should in most cases not be worth it to wait for using convert past the 100% reward point.

Some final clarifications/notes/tips on using the convert “in the best way”:
The convert threshold for 100% reward is always set to your max “all time Power points gains”.
As Privatization points will add a sizeable boost to your reward multiplier, on top of trying to get as close to 100% reward every day will help alleviate some pressure/annoyance of that “quick deploy tactic” to farm support units, as the rewards will help you with buying more WZ upgrades.
If you can’t get to the 100% reward every day, do not despair – as even getting 20,30,50,80% of that can now have a huge impact on your WZ upgrades with this reworked formula!

We will also be working on reworked design&explanation of the Convert option, so if anything specific is unclear to you or you’d like to see with that, let us know so we may consider it.

Work in progress – New Convert formula

After some delays I’m happy to report that we’re finally working on finishing the complete rework of the Convert option in Boot Camp to make it always rewarding, relevant to War Zone at any point, and also, we’ve found a few ways to make it additionally more relevant game feature. There were a lot of options to consider in order to ensure it will be „always relevant“.

We want to keep the feature easy to use/understand in-game and just always make it impactful to use. But as we understand a lot of you are very keen on strategy optimizations we feel we should share the underlying changes and how it might affect strategy (because a lot of you will certainly be asking for specifics), and well… also show how in depth we have to think about updates, especially ones revolving about balance/progression – hence why sometimes they might take a bit longer to get out. And that it’s sometimes also really hard to explain these in-game without complicating things 😀

TLDR – we hope to finish implementation tomorrow, where we might adjust some final numbers based on account testing, but the fundamentals of the calculations will remain. In case it requires a bit more testing and fine-tuning, it will be released on Monday. At the bottom of this post there is also a quick recap of other balancing/progression updates we are focusing on after this.

And since these bigger changes/considerations are not really visible to you as players until done, we think it might help fill the gap a bit while waiting on it to be finished, Continue reading

New Spin the Wheel is coming to War Clicks

Hey everyone!

Its been a while, since we promised a complete rework of the current version of the Wheel! So, we started working on a new version, a more unique one, with more intriguing rewards! Our analyses and player feedbacks showed that players didn’t like to get Re-spins as a reward and also some Gold rewards were completely outdated. We decided to create an experience where the player would have lots of fun when spinning/waiting on the reward/receiving it.
So, we kept the best rewards from the previous version, throw outdated ones in the trash and add new/interesting ones. The number of rewards on the wheel was also reduced, the previous version has 16 different rewards, while the current one has only 12, as we are trying to give out as intriguing rewards as possible.

Spin the Wheel_new

Spin the Wheel_new

Completely new rewards will now be:
– PvP point
– Unlock Time Challenge for 1 day
– 30s Double Damage per Click
– 2 additional chances to Spin the Wheel
We used Gold, Time Challenge chances & Refuel from the previous version, as we see those were the ones that were the best and always well-accepted!

New Spin the Wheel should be released right after the weekend with some of the other small game updates.
Stay tuned to see the other game updates, as we are working on a lot of them lately. The game is improving a lot, in terms of progression, handling, balancing, new features, …

Dev Update – 20th August

We’ve uploaded a major fix to some rare WZ saving issues today:
– There were a few cases where on back end DPC and support power weren’t properly calculated, resulting in “smaller DPC/SP” when verifying progress.
– When buying Support Power upgrades, it sometimes didn’t properly account for one of the multiplier bonuses
– a few other rare cases (PvP and sacrifice) where on back end it actually calculated too much DPC/Support power
All of the above in rare cases caused a, rollback issue when War Zone tried to update (visible in the error when reaching PvP, or going to BC and back and seeing some progress reverted).
We’ve identified another small issue with Battle Stars addition on back end, that will be corrected tomorrow. Although small in some rare cases it could cause a similar issue as the above. But we want to get this sorted 100% accurately!
If you still experience any similar issues please let us know so we may investigate further.

GameDev update – August 17th

Yesterday & Today we’ve had to deal with some unexpected issues/tasks but still managed to get a few things deployed:

  • fixed display of Rank rewards to show proper base DPC gain when achieving a specific rank
  • fixed Support Upgrades total “base” power by unit type to not be multiplied by PvP power in the upgrades section as it was misleading
  • buying HQ DPC upgrades will now immediately properly refresh the level of the current upgrade
  • Added an info popup after deploying for first time to make it clearer what happened ot new users
  • Added a similar popup to privatization, that will appear every privatization as it’s quite rare and this helps ensure there’s no “confusion” what it does
  • 10% fuel upgrade restriction pops a confirmation if you’re above 90% fuel
  • resolved some major game loading speed issue, that was causing quite some issues, especially on Chrome

We are also preparing a full priority list of upcoming improvements, bugfixes, additions over the weekend, to give you a broader overview of what we are focusing on and what to expect to be sorted approximately when. We will update/upload it on Monday.

Development Updates – 15th August

In the past week we have gotten rid of various bugs, display issues, small improvements – most notably:


  • resolved some renown reward addition issues (which actually caused another bug where more gold was given out during the weekend for renown rewards, until it was fixed)
  • IE sacrifice unclickable issue resolved, duplicated daily mission choice resolved
  • a discount has been added to the bribe option and the final autoclicker upgrade found in the shop



We will be rolling out several progression / balance improvements in the following week, from finally revamping the Convert rewards in Boot Camp to scale properly, balancing War Zone better, adding various other improvements to the game etc. We also will be looking at some loading/server issues some of you have been experiencing at times, which make it a bit annoying at times! We’ve got a huge list of things we want to work on in the following weeks, so expect a lot of these to be sorted.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone for your feedback and suggestions – mainly on where you think the game does currently not provide a great experience, which for most seems to be the „early game„ as it losses excitement at points. We will be addressing this with not only improved presentation and features, but importantly also look at various gold boosts/upgrades and improving gold-collection. Delivering a great, fun, exciting experience to everyone (at any game-point) is something we’re striving towards and where we will be putting a lot of our focus on in the following weeks!


Thanks for your patient!

Have fun :)