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Short-sum up on the upcoming updates

Hey all!

Just a short-sum on what is coming to War Clicks with the next update:
– Finally removing wait Timers on Time Challenges and Invasion chances
– Adding a full list of interesting stats for a player to check in their profile
– Changing a few positions within the Shop, getting rid of the Unlock TC’s pack on all spots where showing currently
– Highlighting some texts in chats
– Replacing the checkboxes on alliance fights with something not as confusing
– Adding a Hotkey to enable/disable Farm mode in the War Zone
– Improving announcements/changelogs so, that they always appear in the latest-news popup (if the user hasn’t seen them)
– Additional tests on how the game is working in different browsers – showing suggested browser notes at the start?

That’ll be the update we plan to release as soon as it is properly completed and tested. Other game improvements will follow on our next update packs.

Boot Camp progression update, e308 cap smoothing, New Boot Camp re-balancing

Hey everyone,

Today we released an update, that speeds up late game Boot Camp (BC) progression, resolves some bugs/transitions with reaching the e308 cap in Boot Camp, and lastly, re-balances some “New Boot Camp” requirements and rewards.
* If seeing this update while in/game, please refresh to ensure you see all updates properly.

Here are the changes made:
– BC upgrades increased/added starting at around e115, e179, e206, e242-e244, e255, e270, e284, e290-e295, e303. These will help make for much further runs, and speed up post e115, and especially post e240 progression significantly.
* for users above e115, please note that your production of BC units will change in this update, and as new upgrades were inserted, a few of your old upgrades might be “gone”, but replaced with upgrades before them. So overall your production should be higher now, and you’ll be able to recoup any upgrades that new ones replaced pretty much instantly anyway.
– New Boot Camp requirements changed to start at e200, and be increased by e5, up to the cap of e300 at 23rd Boot Camp. This will help speed up the first 10 new BCs, but also ensure requirements are scaled up, to prevent “new BC spamming”, which was becoming a long-term balance issue, and this update was urgently needed.
– Due to tons of badge boosts from competitions and events piling up, “new BC spamming” was starting to become an issue of where users would be able to soon start farming “infinite gold” from renown rewards. This would ruin game economy and inflate it if left untouched, so we’ve also now limited Gold rewards from renown to the first 22 new Boot Camps started. Additionally, upon passing that, Research Point rewards from renown rewards will be doubled!
– “e308” smoothing has been done, which will now make it clear to users that once you reach e308 Power Points, there is nothing to do in the current Boot Camp anymore, and it will now be clear you have to start a new BC at that point. We’ve also added a “Completionist” renown level at 1.79e308, which will reward you with an extra 50 Research Points when reached – if anyone is willing to grind for it a bit more!

Many of these changes were long overdue after we initially released the Tactical Map with New Boot Camps feature, so we’re happy to finally be able to catch up! It will help provide a much better progression curve for all users, and allow you to reach further than ever before!

Have fun!

Only 1player can become a ”Casanova”!

We just started with the Cupid’s mission Event, which will last until the Feb 16th, 14:00 GMT, so jump in to get extra rewards and possibly reach a forever-lasting Title of a ”Casanova”, which will be delivered to the Winner of this Event.

It’s now a perfect time to share the love around but act fast as there is limited time available to complete the goal (spread the message of love to all 195 countries!)..

We’ve switched up a few things for this event:
There is no training feature and the badge rewards this time are for DPC not Production boost.Make love, not war

Make love, not war

War Clicks dev team wishes you all the best, so good luck and have fun! 😊

Reducing progress saving/revert issues in Boot Camp

We just pushed an update that should greatly reduce progress saving/revert issues in Boot Camp. If you’re seeing this message while playing, please refresh the game for the changes to take effect.

We think we managed to resolve the main cause of these issues in Boot Camp, but please note that there may still be other causes of it. Still, hopefully should be much better with this update already :)

We will continue looking into them and check WZ issues as well. The issue was mainly related to deploying, privatizing and starting a new BC, where we adjusted some code handling. An additional cause was a discrepancy of how BC renown rewards were claimed – manually in frontend, while automatically in backend.

So we have also adjusted claiming of those in frontend, which will now be added automatically when reached. The reward popup is mere informational from now on.

Welcome to the Snowball Boost week!

This is an EXCLUSIVE week we’ve never done before on War Clicks and is giving you a chance to experience Boot Camp and War Zone faster than ever, as we are giving out a UNIQUE X2 Booster on Boot Camp production and DPC! (You don’t have to do anything, booster is active automatically during the Snowball Fights Event  – it will expire when event ends)


SnowBall Fights

SnowBall Fights

Why participate in the Snowball Fights Event (between Jan 20th-26th)?

– Get extra Gold, Research Points, Time Warps

– Complete 400th Snow Field and become a throwing-snowball monster

– End up at TOP 10 to reach for the unique Titles

– End up within TOP 1000 to gather extra Production boosts (life-time valid)

– Have fun and hang out with the community


As the Event just started, we don’t want you to waste any more minutes. Jump in! 😉

-> Who is going to win the Snowball Fight Event?


Have fun and good luck! 😉

Snowball boost week!

Starting Monday 20th January, we are not only running another Event that will hold a bunch of prizes, we are also doing something special for the first time:

During the Event, Boot Camp production and War Zone DPC will be increased by x2 (multiplicative)!

This is an EXCLUSIVE boost we will be running, so make sure to be around and make the most of it! :)

We’ve also just pushed some updates (require refresh of the game):

  • Winning PvP battles will now reward score based on whoever has higher (you or the opponent)

  • Fixed Hall of Fame pagination

  • Some additional improvements to reduce occurrence of “revert issues” were done

Again, next week is going to be crazy fast so make sure to be there :)

Update – Jan 14th

We’ve deployed some more logging regarding progress revert issues, to help us debug that better in the following days. With that, we’ve deployed some other quick updates: (more to follow in the following days)

– PvP opponent choices increased from 3 to 5
– Skip Tutorial option added
– Increased Clicks-per-second (from 4 to 6) and duration(from 15s to 60s) of maxed unlockable autoclicker upgrades. (This might still be increased, and we will look into improving the last buyable AC upgrade as well)

Next week we are also starting a new Event, along with something special we intend to add during it – Stay Tuned :)

Finals for Indie game of the year 2019!

The nominations for the best Indie game of the year by IndieDB are over and we are proudly announcing that War Clicks are now competing in the Finals (only 100 games left out of 1,335 competing!). The voting ends on December 20th, so every vote we get would mean that we are closer to get into best 10 indie games of the year! Psst.: If we make it into the Top 10, we are giving everyone a thank you prize 😉

Feel free to share voting link with your friends and family, every vote is important for War Clicks!


War Clicks - Finalist of Indie of the year Awards for 2019

War Clicks – Finalist of Indie of the year Awards for 2019



Voting link for War Clicks in the Finals:

*open link and click on TOP 100 button (below the title: Vote fort his game), and you leave the Vote on the next page clicking the red button


…also our second game Area Raiders manage to get there (that’s quite an awesome day for our studio, as this game is a bit smaller as of now, but is currently competing with the ‘big guys’ in the finals). If you’ve ever played this game (you can check it here ) or would just like to support it, feel free to leave your Vote here:

Getting rid of a bunch of annoyances!

In November we are focusing our updates on improving existing content – getting rid of annoying things, bugs, optimizations….

To start off, we’ve just deployed this set of updates:
Automation changes:

-Credit Cost for Buying units and upgrades reduced from 5 to 2.

-Credit cost for deploying reduced from 50 to 10

– Improved some case where automation revert was a false negative trigger

– Increased automation credits giveaway – some increases were done on the early upgrades, and a bunch of them added to the very very late game. All of these apply already, but if you’ve reached the 4th+ Boot Camp, make sure to check for a few new ones!

Daily Mission changes:

-Skips increased from 1 to 3 daily <- this will help you get rid of a few annoying missions for you, but allow us to keep all mission types and expand to new ones and keep variety!

-Skips also renamed to “change” as it was confusing for some

-Added a note about how many dynamic missions you completed today

– Daily reset will now ALWAYS grant 1 Spin The Wheel chance and 5 Time Challenge chances if you visit the game that day. Before, you wouldn’t get SPW if you had any, and only got your TCs refreshed up to 5 available.

Added a new research upgrade – Faster Time Challenge Clicks!

This is a super cheap upgrade, with which you essentially remove the repeatability/click madness of completing time challenges. This feature might be fun a few times, but just becomes a grind/torture, so now you can cheaply upgrade TC to be completable even with a single click!

-Fixed a bug where automation panel could sometimes show up/remain visible in War Zone

-Fixed a bug where getting TC chances from promo codes or daily missions would not properly refresh the button if you’ve already used up all of your chances, giving you appearance of it not being added.

-Made several optimizations to various Country HQ calculations, that should help improve loading times of opening Country HQ and its sub screens.

Tomorrow we will try to deploy another smaller update:

– Find & fix a bug where research items sometimes disappear, without refunding research points

– Changing unused automation credits to (indefinitely) rollover to the next day

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event (Oct 29th – Nov 1st)

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event is here with all of its Halloween Crew along – Mr. Skeleton, Lucifer itself, Immortal Vampires,… – they will help you invade the nearby pumpkin fields. But wait, not everyone is aware that all this is just a Halloween Prank!…

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event is all about taking additional pumpkins from the nearby pumpkin fields, getting extra Halloween members to help you out complete the Halloween mission and provide enough resources needed for Invasion! But wait, not everyone is aware that all this is just a Halloween Prank!

Halloween Game Event - Pumpkin Field Invasion

Halloween Game Event – Pumpkin Field Invasion

Maybe it seems easy at first glance, but what if we tell you that the farmers don’t get the joke and are protecting their fields with all of their resources and powers. So, you’ll need to get a smart Halloween crew that will be skilfull and capable of distracting the farmers, so they will get ”free” pumpkins!

You’ve found out that you may establish another business than will help you lower the costs of running a Halloween secret night invasions to a minimum, and eliminate the enormous costs of all the Crew needs. So, you decided to start a sideway business that will directly provide the resources for every specific Halloween ”creature” needs.

There are a bunch of the crew wishes to fulfill, which you will need to complete economically. So, producing direct resources for the whole Halloween crew might be Continue reading