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Country Invasion progression and spoils updated!

Following user feedback, complaints and suggestions, we’ve just uploaded some changes to country invasion progression and rewards.

Shortly put, the “bottom end” of invasions are now far easier to destroy, so all countries will be able to “climb back” to their old battles much faster, as well as “multiplying” the spoils faster (as the higher bases have a bigger BS reward per hp).

On top of that, all BS spoils per hp have been doubled.

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New Bases – Country Invasion

Did you already find new Enemy Bases in Country Invasion? We’ve prepared two new Enemy Bases and a new Boss Fight (Break the Line).

All in all, these new graphics should make the experience that much better, opposed to constantly attacking the same bases. In the future you can expect a few more improved graphics in Country Invasion, as well as other parts of the game – but we’re now temporarily moving to other game updates, that will add/change some core game mechanics and make it that more fun and intriguing to play in the first place.

What’s most important to us is that these updates improve the gameplay experience for you and makes it more fun to play WarClicks!

All feedback is warmly welcomed!

Team WarClicks

Crazy August SALE

Every now and then we create some crazy Sales on WarClicks and give you a chance to get great deals on buying gold – Speaking of it now it is the best time to get Gold packages 35% cheaper!

Which products are included in this crazy Sale?

We’ve lowered Gold Packages for two products:

– Pot of Gold
– Chest of Gold

August Sale

It means you now have the chance to get 130% or 145% more Gold compared to the cheapest package. The Sale ends soon – this Sunday, so fill up your accounts with more Gold to empower your army forces.

Wish you lot of fun

Specialize your trainers!

War fighting tactics are driven by different strategies, and knowing what upgrade or decision to pursue at a specific time can make a huge difference at how you’ll fair.

Trainers are working hard on helping you achieve best Ranking positions and working even when you’re not present in the game. But, now they’ll be prepared to take an extra step in making sure their facilities are giving best results they can. They’ll do this by either becoming better trainers themselves, or making sure to upgrade their recruits and their hardware in areas that matter most. But all that extra work and upgrading all that hardware comes at a price. And its up to you to decide which unit’s hardware/trainer you want to upgrade to make the most out of them. Is it the common soldier, the tank or the carrier… or maybe all of them? All up to you to weigh your options and how to best spend all that gold you’ve plundered…

You’re probably asking yourself how this feature works?
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Patch Notes

We’ve just issued refunds to people who unlocked or bought new invasion chances before today 8:00 Server Time.

There was a occasional bug after code deploy of New Invasions, where some of the damage hasn’t been properly listed in some occasions where killing a base required several attempts.

This has now been fixed and works flawlessly :) Apologies for any inconvenience caused there!

We have also pushed some updates to the Country Invasion chat as some countries had problems with it, and it should now be working. If for any country it stops working again, please let us know – as the issue is really weird and technically everything looks fine. So we’ll gladly look into it with any additional clues if it happens again!

Furthermore, we deployed some improvements to BootCamp state saving regarding units bought.

Country Invasion revamp complete

We are extremely happy to announce that the full revamp of Country Invasion has just been deployed live with today’s update!

Not only the way Country Invasion works has been updated, but the way it looks as well! We believe that these changes will make Country Invasion much more fun, exciting, rewarding and fair to play. With this update, the first introduction of leadership decisions has also been added, which is something we will elaborate on and expand in future updates, as it is something we’ve been longing to do since the beginning.

Since this was a complete rework, we also had to reset the progress of the countries, meaning that countries will now start from „enemy base 1“ – but due to new mechanics should be able to quickly progress to the stages you were at before. Also note that progression calculations and rewards have been updated, along with several bugs fixed, which previously resulted in slightly unbalanced and unfair (bugged) gameplay – all of which is now fixed and works as desired. You will also notice some improvements to the country chat, making it more useful and convenient.

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Country Invasion – Boss Fights – Country Leader and more

The way country Invasion works is getting reworked to make it much funner and exciting to play! We’re currently working on adding additional features/design/animations, making it bug free, user friendlier, improve gameplay, and adding room for some extra country-based strategies…


Country Invasion

The First and the most important improvement is that you’ll now have the option to fight more than one enemy base in a single day (if any completed). Enemy Base progress will be reset, but all of your current clicking force will stay untouched, so your country should get through the early invasions really quickly.

These changes will make sure no one will be left out of the reward pool regardless of when you can get to it in a day! As well as giving strong countries the chance to utilize Continue reading

WarZone has received a small facelift!

We’ve done some reskinning of the WarZone graphics and making sure hard-earned ranks get the attention they deserve! Where are you currently at? Check it out in the new Rankings ladders – Are you a Field Marshall yet or still getting there?

Progressing through military ranks will be much more exciting now, we’ve removed all pop-ups that blocked the game when you reach a new rank. Now you’ll be able to find some cool animations that will show your new achievements more smoothly.

We hope you enjoy the new improvements – more will follow soon!
WarClicks Team

Things to come & development focus

Hey fellow soldiers!

We wanted to give you a quick update on things to come in the following weeks. There’s been a ton of changes in the past month already, but in August we will focus on what we feel are amongst the most pressing problems and overdue improvements to improve the gameplay and your experience!

Let’s start with a few of the smaller things that are on our top list, and have been requested by many of you:

– In-country rankings, so you’ll be able to check where your fellow (and opposing) countrymen rank. Sometimes internal competition is even fiercer than external!
–  investigation of ocassional country chat issues, messages sometimes disappearing etc.
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Meet New Investors

Some players already collected all 10 investors, and that’s arisen curiosity amongst other special investors who can provide you with additional boosts. Meet 2 of them!

-> ‘Shady Ana’ is one of the most powerful women investing in military industry, increasing production boost of every Army Contractor by an additional 150%
-> ‘Wolf of WarClicks’ – a real pain in the ass Investor always wants to turn his investment into quick profits. He adds another 300% boost to every Army Contractor

New Investors

Special Investors

Latest two Investors are ‘Special Investors’ and appear only when you collect all 10 Continue reading