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Getting rid of a bunch of annoyances!

In November we are focusing our updates on improving existing content – getting rid of annoying things, bugs, optimizations….

To start off, we’ve just deployed this set of updates:
Automation changes:

-Credit Cost for Buying units and upgrades reduced from 5 to 2.

-Credit cost for deploying reduced from 50 to 10

– Improved some case where automation revert was a false negative trigger

– Increased automation credits giveaway – some increases were done on the early upgrades, and a bunch of them added to the very very late game. All of these apply already, but if you’ve reached the 4th+ Boot Camp, make sure to check for a few new ones!

Daily Mission changes:

-Skips increased from 1 to 3 daily <- this will help you get rid of a few annoying missions for you, but allow us to keep all mission types and expand to new ones and keep variety!

-Skips also renamed to “change” as it was confusing for some

-Added a note about how many dynamic missions you completed today

– Daily reset will now ALWAYS grant 1 Spin The Wheel chance and 5 Time Challenge chances if you visit the game that day. Before, you wouldn’t get SPW if you had any, and only got your TCs refreshed up to 5 available.

Added a new research upgrade – Faster Time Challenge Clicks!

This is a super cheap upgrade, with which you essentially remove the repeatability/click madness of completing time challenges. This feature might be fun a few times, but just becomes a grind/torture, so now you can cheaply upgrade TC to be completable even with a single click!

-Fixed a bug where automation panel could sometimes show up/remain visible in War Zone

-Fixed a bug where getting TC chances from promo codes or daily missions would not properly refresh the button if you’ve already used up all of your chances, giving you appearance of it not being added.

-Made several optimizations to various Country HQ calculations, that should help improve loading times of opening Country HQ and its sub screens.

Tomorrow we will try to deploy another smaller update:

– Find & fix a bug where research items sometimes disappear, without refunding research points

– Changing unused automation credits to (indefinitely) rollover to the next day

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event (Oct 29th – Nov 1st)

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event is here with all of its Halloween Crew along – Mr. Skeleton, Lucifer itself, Immortal Vampires,… – they will help you invade the nearby pumpkin fields. But wait, not everyone is aware that all this is just a Halloween Prank!…

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event is all about taking additional pumpkins from the nearby pumpkin fields, getting extra Halloween members to help you out complete the Halloween mission and provide enough resources needed for Invasion! But wait, not everyone is aware that all this is just a Halloween Prank!

Halloween Game Event - Pumpkin Field Invasion

Halloween Game Event – Pumpkin Field Invasion

Maybe it seems easy at first glance, but what if we tell you that the farmers don’t get the joke and are protecting their fields with all of their resources and powers. So, you’ll need to get a smart Halloween crew that will be skilfull and capable of distracting the farmers, so they will get ”free” pumpkins!

You’ve found out that you may establish another business than will help you lower the costs of running a Halloween secret night invasions to a minimum, and eliminate the enormous costs of all the Crew needs. So, you decided to start a sideway business that will directly provide the resources for every specific Halloween ”creature” needs.

There are a bunch of the crew wishes to fulfill, which you will need to complete economically. So, producing direct resources for the whole Halloween crew might be Continue reading

A big day ahead of us!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct29th) we’ll be running a Halloween Event called Pumpkin Field Invasion, starting at 13:00 GMT – you don’t want to miss it out, so set a reminder to be there when it starts or as soon as you’ll be available to play. Some great rewards are waiting for you to claim, we’ll also give out a Winner Title to the best player of the Event – so make sure you set everything you need for the start.
We’ll share more details about the Event tomorrow around the release…

One more big news for you all: War Clicks just got a completely fresh video Trailer that should help our marketing team to work on the community expansion, new players coming into the game.

Watch New War Clicks Trailer >> LINK

War Clicks Trailer Image

War Clicks Trailer Preview

(if you like the video, don’t forget to subscribe -we’d really appreciate every new subscriber there; …in case you really love it – try sending the link to your best friends, so they join you on battles)
Appreciate it, thank you all! 😉

Missions & Goals update is live

We are excited to release this update!

This feature will replace the buggy, unbalanced, repetitive, grindy feel of “Daily Tasks” And “Daily Missions”, which are no longer available from this update forwards.

Missions & Goals feature more intuitive small missions and goals for you to complete every day, and receive various useful rewards for it! It also gives you some goals to strive for at any stage of the game, and finally makes missions completable for late game players (adjusted requirements where needed based on your game progress). Most importantly, it makes it much friendlier to new users and introduce them better to the game mechanics (replacing some overdone tutorials), which is extremely important to get more players to the more in depth & late-game stages of the game :)

Preview_career goals

Preview_career goals

Onto the details:

Onboarding Mission
Every player (including existing ones) will first go through 20 “onboarding missions”, which will introduce various mechanics of the game to the user, and reward them for completing them. To make sure even late game players can complete these, some requirements are capped for these (i.e. Renown, trainers bought…) – so if you’re a late game player, you should enjoy the post-update rush of tons of mini-missions to complete and get a bunch of quick rewards!

Dynamic missions
After the onboarding missions, you will get “dynamic missions”, which are chosen randomly from an array (currently 9) different type of missions. Where needed (battles, destroyed) the difficulty of these is adjusted for late game players, to ensure they are completable.

You will always get a different mission type, until you go through all of them, when every mission type will become available again. If possible, missions will be selected in an order that allows you to complete them by the end of the day, otherwise you can Continue reading

October Update: What’s coming up!?

We’re almost in the middle of October and it felt right to share some great details on what’s coming up on War Clicks this month!

Do you think you’ve completed everything on War Clicks until now?
Hmmm… we’re sure that there is still a lot to accomplish and complete. For better understanding of further goals we’ll add an interesting feature that will connect all goals and small tasks together. This month we will be replacing 2 old/obsolete & badly designed features: Daily Missions and Daily Tasks! But don’t worry, instead of playing nearly same tasks/missions every day we’ll introduce more fun elements you’d probably love to play and complete!

Let this be enough details for now, we’ll further inform you on that in the next week, but for those that are already curious about the new feature – here is a design sketch/sneak-peek of new/upcoming Goals:

Goals_Design Sketch

Goals_Design Sketch

Also, this week we’ll be running crazy discounts on all Wallpapers, so here’s a great chance for those that’d like to change the background of the game (visual change), but for those that are more into getting the boosters all around – we discounted all Cursors in this week (Shop-> 3rd tab from the left side menu to open).

Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 8th), we are also running a special sale, so in case you’d like to buy stronger Investors, this may be a great opportunity to get some Gold extra and to get them faster.

P.S.: Hopefully, we manage to prepare a surprise for you guys at the end of this month – can’t promise, but will do our best to release it then!

Have a great day 😉

Confused about automation? Check this usage example!

Automation Usage example
To help clarify the use of automation, we prepared some additional explanations and a quick example of its usage:

  1. Automation settings can be unlocked within the Command Center (Upgrades & Unlocks section) as you progress the game and reach certain conditions (level, rank, # of deploys done…)

  2. Once unlocked, they will be displayed and congiurable in Settings -> Automation

  3. Automation is spread into “Automation tasks/settings”, each of which require a specific number of credits to be performed. The first set of 1000 automation credits can be unlocked after you’ve done at least 10 deploys in Boot Camp. The same condition is required to unlock the first automation setting (automate buy units)

  4. Automation Credits will refill every day at daily reset (same time as fuel, invasion chances … reset). Any unused credits will NOT carry over to a new day.

  5. Once you unlock your first set of automation credits and your first automation setting, you will see a small automation panel show up on the right of your Boot Camp screen. This allow you to quickly see how many credits you have left, and quickly allows you to enable/disable all automation.s

NOTE: For automation being “ON” to do anything, you must have at least one of the automations settings as “ON” – for example Buy units. All automation settings will by default be set to OFF, you can turn them on in settings.

6) Each automation task can be set to ON/OFF, and has a basic “interval setting”. This setting simply means, how often (in seconds) this automation will attempt to be Continue reading

Finally live: Automation update!

Boot Camp Automation has been released!

As the automation can be highly subjective, we’re starting with a basic & quite limited one, to ensure it’s not causing users or our servers too many performance issues. And most importantly, that is well balanced and interesting to all! Based on your feedback and various stats we will follow, we will then slowly increase the available automation, adjust the options, add more options etc. YOU are very important in helping us play with it when it comes, and helping us decide and fine-tune it :)


Automation update

Automation update

– We’re starting with Boot Camp automation only

– Automation works only in tab focus. Fully idle/off focus working automation with our old/extensive game code and validations would be extremely hard, BUT – we actually might have a way to do both of those as well relatively easy! We will explore that option as soon as we’ve balanced out and added some more features, and then proceed to look further into that and do our best to make it happen!

– Automation consumes automation credits. Users will unlock more credits in the Command Center, through different levels of the game. This will also give new users neat goals to reach for and play the game longer. This means the further into the game you get, the more you will be able to automate, which is what most of our users prefer to see happen :)

The reason we went with credits is because they are the best(only) way to verify data and prevent exploitation of automation. Furthermore, they encourage use of strategy & choosing your automation settings carefully, instead of just “spamming it”. This way you could have your automation running for many hours, or just minutes… depending on how you choose your settings! You also might want to use automation just as a helper through annoying actions while you are actively playing.

You will have a small automation panel with a quick overview of your available credits and an accessible ON/OFF button. The rest of the options will be in settings.

Available Automations and their settings:

Buying units (5 credits) – buy interval, Buy per interval, Limit at X units, Buy order

Buying upgrades (5 credits) – buy interval, buy up to X upgrades per interval

* An option to limit based on max upgrade cost will also be added later

Cycling units (1 credit) – attempt interval

Buy trainers (1 credit) – attempt interval

Deploying (50 credits) – attempt interval, Minimum % gain increase, Limit at privatization

*will also have a setting added later of Limit at max run PP reached

For buying units and upgrades credits will be consumed on every interval (if any can be bought OR not). For Cycling, trainers and deploying they will only be consumed when the action can actually performed.Credits will be refreshed/reset each day to the maximum unlocked – with release late game players can expect to get 5-15k credits every day with the current unlocks– these are refreshed to max, NOT stackable!
We plan to very soon add more credit unlocks at later stages, and adjust the numbers based on feedback and how things go. We definitely think we’ll increase the numbers, but again, it’s easier to balance starting from less, than from more :)

We hope you’re excited about this update, as it definitely is one of the coolest things to come into this game to date – With each past QoL we added, it felt like the best thing ever to us, and this one dwarfs all of them :)

Automation changes, upcoming updates & development plans

Hey all,

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who shared their opinion in the recent survey about automation, as it is very important to us we go about that update properly. To recap the main takeaways: the vast majority of users do want some sort of automation and would like it to scale/unlock throughout the game. There would definitely be some sort of limitation on it in place, and we would do our best to try and also make it work off tab focus. If any sort of gold unlocks would be added, they’d be added in the form of being able to unlock them earlier instead of reaching a certain game point. Also, one suggestion we really loved, is when we release this it would first be for a test phase (say a week), so we could tweak/gather more feedback and improve further upon it.

We’re happy to see this sort of feedback, as it aligns closely with what our own idea for it was! We’re working to finalizing the specifics of this update and will release more info as we get closer to it.


We wanted to give you a bit broader outlook of our current development and future for War Clicks, as we really love developing this game and appreciate all the support we have received from you all.


Here’s a recap of things we intend to release in second half of September, that will have most significant impact on improving the game experience for players at all stages of the game:

– more Game automation that will not only help improve experience of the existing players, but also help modernize early/mid-game for new players, as these days idle games simply are gravitating towards more automated mechanics
– We want to introduce more specific and meaningful dynamic goals and rewards to the game at all stages, that are easy to understand and intriguing to reach for. We don’t like how our daily mission and daily tasks are currently designed – monotone, feels like a meaningless grind each day, is awfully designed at later stages, and in the end, the rewards are not interesting/meaningful at all! So we want to change this, and very likely remove both of these and replace them with much better designed dynamic missions/goals. These will keep things less repetitive, keep having you reach for something, and in the end give you a much more satisfying reward relative to where you currently are in the game.

These new goals would also vastly improve showing new players the depth of the game, which is right now awfully introduced, and most new players don’t see it at all – Continue reading

Rental Property Business Event has just started!

Running: Friday, August, 9th – Monday, August 12th (13:00 GMT)

The Story goes:
Rental Property Business Event is all about making money renting out real estates you own, buying new profitable apartments, villas or even hotels on attractive locations worldwide and of course finding tenants / guests to fill the empty rooms you are renting out to generate cash and to become a reach real estate mogul!

Maybe it seems easy at first glance, but what if we tell you that your guests won’t be regular guests, but may harm your business and destroy it by using waaaaaay more electricity within rentals than needed, destroying the furniture, writing on the walls, so you may want to emigrate such guests and start from scratch.

Rental Property Business Event

Rental Property Business Event

You’ve found out that you may establish another business than will help you lower the costs to a minimum, and eliminate the enormous costs of electricity. So, you decided to start a renewable energy project buying wind turbines and other power plants that will help you generate your own electicity near your properties.

There are a bunch of renewal energy businesses in front of you, which you will take over to start producing the electricity which you’ll need to run your rental properties economically. But, as the businesses might seem futuristic and cool to run, the guests/tenants may cause you lots of troubles. In every specific rental there is an enormous consumption of a specific energy which you’ll need to provide through your renewable energy businesses.

By finding tenants/guests you’ll generate money for your rental business needs and wishes! Fill empty rooms and build strong business by signing contracts with at least 200 Travel Agencies (200 Contracts signed)!

There are plenty of different renewable energy sources available and you’ll need to Continue reading

A Highly anticipated small feature released, Anniversary, Special Thanks

Yesterday, we deployed an update where you can now use the option in Boot Camp to ”Buy all units”, which will allow you to buy all BC units with 1 click (based on your current buy amount setting – unlock it in Command Center under Unlocks). The feature is especially useful after Privatization or every Deploy! Further today we are releasing Mute/ Report options for our in-game chat – so you will be able to adjust the chat according to your preferences)…

We also celebrated our 1st-year with War Clicks on Kongregate – so tons of activities will be going on around there!
Feel free to join here: Kongregate – War Clicks Idle Military game

We also wanted to take a bit of it to give some of our players’ special titles as a gratitude for being really helpful and supportive during longer playing periods!

You’ll notice that we updated our About Us page with a list of these players, and you will find their special Titles/ Trophies in their profiles, such as Bug Hunter – Captain (for helping destroy bugs) and a War Clicks Warrior Trophy (as a special thanks from developers for supporting the game in many ways!).
We also updated Chat rules by giving out extra instructions on how to Mute/ Report users.

Tomorrow, we are starting the Rental Property Business Event – make sure to be there when it starts (Friday, Aug 9th 13:00GMT! 😊