Automation Usage example
To help clarify the use of automation, we prepared some additional explanations and a quick example of its usage:

  1. Automation settings can be unlocked within the Command Center (Upgrades & Unlocks section) as you progress the game and reach certain conditions (level, rank, # of deploys done…)

  2. Once unlocked, they will be displayed and congiurable in Settings -> Automation

  3. Automation is spread into “Automation tasks/settings”, each of which require a specific number of credits to be performed. The first set of 1000 automation credits can be unlocked after you’ve done at least 10 deploys in Boot Camp. The same condition is required to unlock the first automation setting (automate buy units)

  4. Automation Credits will refill every day at daily reset (same time as fuel, invasion chances … reset). Any unused credits will NOT carry over to a new day.

  5. Once you unlock your first set of automation credits and your first automation setting, you will see a small automation panel show up on the right of your Boot Camp screen. This allow you to quickly see how many credits you have left, and quickly allows you to enable/disable all automation.s

NOTE: For automation being “ON” to do anything, you must have at least one of the automations settings as “ON” – for example Buy units. All automation settings will by default be set to OFF, you can turn them on in settings.

6) Each automation task can be set to ON/OFF, and has a basic “interval setting”. This setting simply means, how often (in seconds) this automation will attempt to be performed. I.e. Setting Buy units interval to 5 seconds, would mean that every 5 seconds, the game would try to buy Units in Boot Camp.

NOTE: Buying Units and Upgrades will consume their credit cost EVERY interval, if any units/upgrades can be bought OR not! The rest of the settings (deploy, cycle and trainers) will only consume credits if the task can be actually performed on an interval. For example: if no new trainer is bought on an interval, credits for this task will not be consumed.

7) Meaning of other settings automation tasks have:
Buying Units … will try to buy all units every interval, based on buy amount and buy order.
buy per interval – This bases how many of each units will try to be bought. 1,10,100,Max, OCD or MaxOCD
Limit at – to prevent units from being bought above a certain number, this setting will come in handy.
Note: that it also takes into account buy amount – i.e. If you have 5500 units, and set this to 5570, and have buy OCD selected, this will NOT buy to 5570, because the OCD would require buying to 5600 units.
Buy Order: the order in which the task will try to buy the units in. The task will try to buy all units, based on the selected buy order.

Buying upgrades … will try to buy up to a certain amount of upgrades each interval.

Cycle units … will try to cycle every unit every interval. This is useful when automating deploys as it will cycle units immediately after bought. It can also be useful if at any point you want to stop automation, and prevent units from being cycled (i.e. For optimizing unit deploying)

Buying trainers … will try to buy all (regular) trainers every interval. Useful after deploys to get them working immediately
Deploying … will try to deploy every interval Minimum Gain …. minimum required condition to perform a deploy, requiring at least a minimum of 50% increase in contractors to be performed.
Limit at privatization … Set to ON will prevent further automated deploys being done if you can privatize.

Example of these settings:

automation settings

automation settings

These settings would try to:

  1. Attempt to buy OCD of units based on cheapest first every 3 seconds, stopping at a max of 5000 of each units bought. This would consume 5 credits every 3 seconds (100 credits per minute)

  2. Attempt to buy up to 60 new upgrades every second. This would consume 5 credits every second (300 credits per minute)

  3. Attempt to cycle every unit every second. This would consume 1 credit every second (60 credits per minute)

  4. NOT buy trainers (not consume any credits)

  5. Attempt to deploy every 10 seconds, IF the contractors would at least double doing so, and stop if privatization can be done. This would consume 50 credits every 10 seconds, but probably much less, as it wouldn’t be able to deploy every 10 seconds.

Some final notes, suggestions:
In general, you do not need to buy units or upgrades every second, something between 10-60 seconds would be the suggested second. Also MaxOCD or OCD would be the suggested settings, with Cheapest first as the buy order, as this would maximize boosts gained from any milestones reached. If you are not worried about doing “perfect deploy runs” having both cycling units and trainers on is also suggested, as they will each be ran only once per deploy, and help you save a bit of time and annoyance after deploys. If you are trying to maximize deployed units, having a low minimum % gain on deploy setting might be useful, but at later stage of the game, with large support units bonuses on deploy, higher (above 100%) might be more beneficial, and also help you save more credits.
Ultimately, the automation is there to help you save time and annoyance on the most repetitive tasks, so we suggest to simply use it however you wish – experiment with it and see what fits you :)