It’s been a long way to reach this huge milestone. We’ve been dealing with various design improvements, bug fixing, planning future updates, analyzing statistics,… We are thrilled that you are supporting us and we would like to thank every single soldier playing the game and participating in our community. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit – join us on channels you are using to get latest news about the game!

Moreover, we have some plans for WarClicks to skyrocket! One of them is to put WarClicks on the biggest browser gaming platform – Kongregate. That would enable us to invest even more in developing the game on higher levels and chasing some

50000 players

50.000 players

future updates we really want to. Follow us to get to know more about our future missions/goals that we will share with you in later posts.

We are planning to improve game functionality, optimize game progress, fix bugs, change some graphics – all this for better user experience and more fun! We can’t wait to reach 100.000 players with all upcoming improvements!

Wish you a lot of fun playing the game,
WarClicks Team