Things to come & development focus

Hey fellow soldiers!

We wanted to give you a quick update on things to come in the following weeks. There’s been a ton of changes in the past month already, but in August we will focus on what we feel are amongst the most pressing problems and overdue improvements to improve the gameplay and your experience!

Let’s start with a few of the smaller things that are on our top list, and have been requested by many of you:

– In-country rankings, so you’ll be able to check where your fellow (and opposing) countrymen rank. Sometimes internal competition is even fiercer than external!
–  investigation of ocassional country chat issues, messages sometimes disappearing etc.
–  The display/sync issue of collecting fuel barrels and „losing progress“ in WarZone. While a complete solution to this issue is a bit further down the line as we might considering a bigger rework/improvements of how WarZone works as a whole (but that’s a whole another topic we’ll give more info soon!), we hope we can find a temporary fix to this issue, as we realize how annoying it is when it happens.
– additional balance/progression changes

On to some bigger changes…

Firstly, WarZone’s getting a quick makeover! Some sneak peaks will be released later this week so stay tuned.
We will also be considering some general improvements to WarZone experience and mechanics in mid August. Something that will make WarZone feel much more alive!

Country Invasion rework – YES, Country Invasion is finally getting a proper rework. No more reward bugs, fairer & less game breaking rewards, much funner mechanic that doesn’t benefit only first fighters of the day! You’ll want this, trust us – because we DO to! And it’s going to introduce the option for another neat connection with Boot Camp.

Whoops, did I leak something too soon? Probably, but… it’s going to add another strategic layer and a bit of variety to Boot Camp and more meaning to Invasions and cool future options… Grr, wish I could disclose more,… very soon… with pictures!

On top of all that we also had a lot of requests to create a community forum, improved wikis etc., which is something will be hitting our priority list as well.

And there’s more actually. So keep an eye on further updates and sneak peaks – because August is gonna be crazy!


  1. What about the players that appear to be cheating somehow? I can’t believe that some of the top 3 players have got so much more than everybody else and how they just suddenly jump impossible amounts overnight? Pointless doing all these updates etc when the game is not fair…certainly won’t inspire people to spend money if they think you aren’t looking into these things, though I guess as long as the money keeps coming in, it doesn’t really matter

    • Hey David,

      Just in case you haven’t received my email reply to the same question:

      We’re keeping an eye on these things regularly and have done extensive checks before to verify validity of plays any of the top players.

      The current top players are all playing legitly. Most notably, the quick jumps in some of them, is mostly due to them using the change in removing the limitation of the time warp, purchasing some gold and using that function repeatedly.
      Some of the top players also “perfected” their strategy of deploying, buying units etc., and those things then add up.

      What’s important to know is that in BootCamp, a change/difference in score of 10x, 100x or even 1000x+ is really not that much due to the exponential growth in progression system. Small differences in play/strategy can make big differences here looking at size of numbers directly, but relatively someone with say “10^50” PP, is hardly ahead of someone with “10^49” pp, even though making a simple comparison the first one has 10x more.

      In WarZone, where there’s “not much room or differences” such a difference would be HUGE (and very likely a sign of exploit), but in BootCamp it really isn’t when looking at the game progression globally.

      When there were actual cases of exploits twice in Bootcamp some months ago, where users did get an unfair advantage. And those players have had their scores removed at that time. So if there ever is indeed an actual exploit being abused we do “rebalance the scales” and fix it. But in these cases it’s definitely not an exploit.

      I hope that clears it up a bit, let me know if you still have any questions :)

  2. Hey,

    I’ve looked into the top players profiles and theres only some strange stuff standing out on the Top2.

    Top1 is about to hit 2000 Heavy tank units. You might think “Hey, thats weird”, because it is. How the hell can you stack 2000 of those, if the cost exponentially increases? Everything else he got in “believable” amounts.
    He could even gain a heckton of more score, if he’d use Double-DPC and Fuel Barrels.
    At his progression, I’d say he easily could increase his score by another 60-80B

    Top2 (will probably get taken over) is even stranger. I wonder how he managed to get on his score-level without having the end-level units. Even weirder is that he rivals Top2 – Top6 with just the units he’s got.

  3. Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be
    okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

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