I’m happy to say that the illusive bug that’s been getting away every-time after being stomped, has finally been finished with a bug spray!

I’m talking about the sync/saving issue on BootCamp where users lost progress/PP/units bought. Thanks to several players who helped us pinpoint the issue with their feedback we managed to track it down to deploying troops – where indeed was some issue.


We just ran tons of crazy (“irregular play”) tests and there’s been 0 saving issues. There still is some possibility of it happening due to crazy lag spikes/super laggy computer, but thankfully we couldn’t replicate it in these tests. Don’t want to jinx it though…

If anyone still finds any issues with saving in BootCamp (note, this fix does not improve WZ saving in any way), and the bug somehow survives, please do report it us so we can take a mallet and have another go at it. But so far, it’s nowhere to be seen!