By being active on our official channels and by getting traffic from some new sources, we’ve reached a new MILESTONE: 55.000 players! A shootout as well to all the players who are proactive themselves and are helping spread the game using our referral system, and collect additional rewards for their efforts! As well as a a huge THANKS to every single soldier that supports us on social media channels/forums and so on, it’s been a pleasure to see you guys enjoying the game and sharing your experiences with others. That encourages us to improve the game to its fullest potential!

Next Milestone is already set: 60.000 players in 30 days! Do you think we can reach it even faster?
We’re actively trying to reach this milestone by promoting the game and implementing our marketing strategies via new channels and also putting a greater impact on some existing channels which we are already active in!

Just a quick overview of our social media channels (at the moment of writing):

– Facebook: 1,753 followers
– Twitter:       8,463 followers
– Reddit:                32 followers

As you can see, we didn’t use our subreddit as we might till now, but we have big plans there. And it’s a place where we want to grow the community, get you guys to share ideas, experiences, tips, help as well as any criticism or things we can improve on. If you are using Reddit, don’t wait too long and join our subreddit: – you’ll find some details about the game that can’t be found anywhere else on the web, there is so much you can get there, so get some valuable info on how to progress faster, communicate with other members, enjoy,…

Our future plan is also to create a forum on WarClicks – but till then there is other alternative available- chat with others on Reddit!

Wish you a great day,